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    I had chronic back pain. I did some research and learned that Marijuana could help. But, in Australia, it's difficult to get quality marijuana products. Fortunately, one man told me to contact Entirecannabis and website, a company is USA that delivers to Australia. Being so desperate, I took the risk, though he assured me he has been getting product from them.

    First, I was confused of what to buy. I bought almost every different products, Hash, Cannabis oil, Shatter, some buds and edibles for a cost $1750. Not so use to Marijuana, the question was, how was I going to take(consume) them in the most comfortable ways. Smoking is not my type, can't even smoke ordinary cigarette, dabbing?(first time I heard that) or vapourizing, not sure what that means and it show I still needed some equipment.

    So, the question is, which marijuana product should you buy and consume easily if it's you first time taking marijuana and as a medicine? On my own part, I found cannabis oil to be the best for beginners who want to use medical marijuana. It's simple and easy to take, you don't any other equipment just for the start. Just follow your does and Ingest it and that's all. Moreover, it works like magic.

    The cannabis oil I received form Entirecannabis was good quality and well processed. The delivery was fast though I had to send western union upfront which added to the cost due to sending fees. But, I am happy with what I got and it really did help me. For those of you in Sydney interested in Marijuana products, this company has a lot of them and good quality too. My brother smoked some of the buds I got and confirm it too. You can check more on their website at and see for yourself.

    Anyone with his or her first experience with marijuana products? Which do you think is the best method so far?Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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