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Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by Noobie242, Jun 21, 2009.

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    My State (North Carolina) is currently considering joining the 21st century by legalizing medical marijuana. Included in the law is the authorization of dispensaries. In preparation of this legislation passing, I'm considering setting up a dispensary and producing some strains of marijuana myself. I plan on setting up a small test grow to get some grow experience before I eventually scale up. I'm going to grow indoors using a hydroponic system. I'll probably use Drip Irrigation for Veg and Ebb and Flow for Flowering.

    I've spent a bunch of time reading about cultivation and I feel pretty comfortable in my knowledge base. Though as with any subject, I still have plenty to learn. :jointsmile:

    One thing I haven't found is any threads on the best/most popular medical strains. Everything I've found has so many choices that it would take me months of research to find the best choices. I realize this is a matter of opinion, but I figured that if enough of you experts weigh in I'll get a good idea.

    So enough preamble... What are the best/most popular medical marijuana strains?

    For the purposes of this test grow, I'd like to start with maybe 6 strains. I would add more once I become comfortable with growing.

    My major criteria in choosing would be as follows:

    1. Medicinal Value - Since my reason for growing is to eventually become a dispensary, I want to use strains that are the best for medicinal purposes and cover as many ailments as I can.

    2. Ease of growth - I don't have any real experience in growing MJ, but I have some gardening experience and I'm amazing in a chemistry lab. (less than.1% error in my classes)

    3. Yield - I'd would like to have a good yield for obvious reasons, but it would come second to Medicinal Value.

    4. Overall popularity - I imagine if its medicinal value is good it'll likely be popular as well.

    I realize that this forum has specific rules regarding "commercial" growing, so I hope I didn't violate them. I don't think I did, but its possible.

    Also, while I'm thinking about it. Where is the best place to find information on various strains? I'd like info on flowering time, potency, yield, etc.
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  2. the image reaper

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    starting out, I would keep it a lot simpler than that ... I would grow out a heavy indica, that would be beneficial, primarily for pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, and nerve spasms ... and, an 'uplifting' hybrid, that would be useful to combat depression, etc. ... I would avoid straight sativas (my personal faves), but they take several months to finish, and can be quite finicky ... good luck :smokin:
  3. phatsesh101

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    i agree with IR as mmj growing is a skill to be harnessed and alot of fuck ups happen on the learning road and high quality genetics can get expensive

    learn how to grow with some bag seed then move up to genetics

    and alot of the time your patients wil request something

    a purple strain
    a white strain
    a kush strain preferably og or bubba
    a haze strain or maybe a diesel
    and a high yeilder like big bud or power plant for custies with limited income
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  4. Noobie242

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    Thanks for the info. I probably should start with something simple to get my feet wet so to speak.

    For the longer term though, I'll definitely keep the strains types you mentioned in mind, Phatsesh101. Once I'm ready I'll actually pick the specifics. That'll give me more time to do some research.

    I'm still curious about popular medical strains though.
  5. phatsesh101

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    find a dispensary site and read the forums
  6. the image reaper

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    get a good version of 'Northern Lights', it's a classic :thumbsup: ... easy growing, forgiving, potent, fast finishing, and a good yielder .. it's an indica or indica-dominant, depending on the version, great for most aches and pains, etc ... :smokin:
  7. Leggomytoe

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    I've been growing medjuana for 4 years (serious arthritis). To me, any potent strain is beneficial. Now it's Bubblegum (Nirvana) and Satori. Both these strains have the pain relieving effect of hydrocodone.

    Again, personal opinion, but Bubblegum has great anti inflammatory properties.
  8. Pikachu5

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    Agree on the Bubblegum! Very euphoric and long lasting also.
  9. Pikachu5

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    Great Med Strains

    Some Strains I Can Recommend

    Purple Urkel
    The Purps
    White Rhino
    White Widow
    OG Kush (Tahoe cut)
    Bubba Kush
    Kali Mist
    Willie Nelson
    Sour Diesel
    Blue Dream
    Williams Wonder
  10. perpetr8r

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    I recently finished a Dutch Passion Blueberry grow and the one plant that impressed with it's growth speed, fast finish and yield also became my top strain so far for medical use. It is a very strong, euphoric, pain relieving high. Has anti-anxiety qualities as well. The best part is the high lasts for hours! My patient says she stays pain free for at least 3-4 hours on just a few hits. I kept a mother plant (obviously) and just took 10 clones off her. I recommend dp blueberry for med use. Picky plant though.. got to be careful with her. I can offer any advice on growing her to anyone that needs.

  11. phatsesh101

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    DP gets their bluebery from DJ short great stuff
  12. oldmac

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    I don't want to come across as being negative here, but you don't have a snowballs chance in hell of being able to start from scratch any type of setup to grow with, to any level of production without having ever grown before. You are having what is called in the trade, "pipe dreams".

    One of the grows I'm involved in with a partner, who has 10 years experience as a dirt farmer both indoors and out and myself who has a few more years experience with various type of grows indoors, outdoors and greenhouse are still struggling after 10+ months to get problems worked out and production up to where it should be. And we are keeping it simple at this time, pro-mix in containers! Admittedly because of money problems at start up we had to keep it simple and "run what you brung" for lights, his 1000s HPS my LEDs and T5s.

    The main strain we are running batches of is nicknamed "apricot" and it is a true medical mj that works great for cancer patients in treatment. It is low in THC but very high in cannabinoids. It is excellent for nausea control, appetite stimulation and pain control without being a heavy stone "couch lock". I am currently providing it to cancer patients with very good results. For hospice patients I see I have been using WhiteRhino, has good pain contol and sleep inducing properties (read couch lock).

    good luck, but maybe consider being just a dealer (dispensary) instead of a grower/producer.
  13. GreenShadows

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    Sour Diesel is great for Insomnia. While just a couple puffs makes it great for ADD.

    Maui Wowie I find to be the best for my ADD. The stuff literally feels like ADD medication, it is that good.

    Hindu Kush I recommend for handling anxiety and remaining functional.
  14. JohnWaynebud

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    Don't be discouraged

    True u r new, but with the right books (I recomend Jorge Cervantes Marijuanna Horticulture as the biblical referance, and marijuanna garden saver) you can have all of the major bugs worked out and have identified some kick ass females within five months even for a first timer. this of course implies that u have the finances to purchase good equiptment, and have a suitable site to grow indoors where u can safely and effectively manipulate the environment to the most desireable conditions.

    Also, should consider some Sativas, and indica sativa mixes to keep up the variety. I don't think I could ever match the antidepressant qualities of certain sativas like super silver haze with any indica. Other competing clubs will no doubt have a variety.

    Happy growing!

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