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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by speeden1, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. speeden1

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    is toping your plants during the first week of flowering a bad idea.
  2. killerweed420

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    I wouldn't recommend it. Normally try to get any pruning done 2 weeks before flower to give the plant a chance to heal.
  3. moody420

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    :jointsmile:yeah, i agree with don't want to touch the plant once it's gone into flowering. All the trimming and topping should be done prior to the switch....good luck!
  4. speeden1

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    thanks you guys i will top on the next grow.
  5. Jord0713

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    what about all of the gnarley fan leaves low on the plants that aren't getting any light? leave those too? Seems like those would just be wasted energy?
  6. martyrprojekt

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    Great advice...I figured I should be the one to tell you why you can't top once you have started flower.

    1.) The plants chemistry changes when it goes into 12/12...In fact, it changes immediately after you flip to 12/12. The chemistry of the plants basically is shifting all of its effort from photo phase to flower. If you top, you run the risk of having Zero main colas...and the side ones are super weak. BAD IDEA!

    2.) You have also changes what you are feeding your plant...this pushes the plants synthetically to flower as well. It is the combination of the nutrients and the change in light that gives us a nice advantage to the quality of indoor medicine.

    3.) I tried to top once during flower...bad idea. I had no Main cola...and the side colas were only good for making butter.

    4.) Some strains are not supposed to be topped. Depending on the strain you are growing, you might have just clipped the biggest cola you have ever grown...and never known it.

    My advice...experiment with topping during veg...and make sure you leave your strongest plant alone. So you can see the difference between them. Call it a personal experiment. But, you will see what I am talking about with some strains.

    I personally use Bushmaster instead of topping. I highly recommend using this nutrient 3 days before flipping to flower. Flush for 24 hours...and then go right into bloom! It will speed your flower 1-2 weeks...and it will control your plant so that it doesn't stretch as much during flower.:D

    The results are nice...tight...big...and beautiful buds to harvest and enjoy:jointsmile:!
  7. Rusty Trichome

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    The only changes I make in flower, is a transplant two weeks in. (or so) This helps to replenish the soil and buffers, and helps avoid a late-stage rootbound issue.
    Topping in flower stage will stunt her yield tremendously, and you risk overstressing her. (nanners)
  8. Lephty

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    Saw that Bushmaster is mentioned above, and just wanted to CAUTION people about the stuff...I actually like it and use it most of the time because I have limited headroom in my flower space, and it keeps the plants from getting too big. But it is VERY strong stuff. I would recommend using the low end of the suggested measurement for 2-3 days right before you put them into flower, and then as Martyr mentioned, flush them out really well before making the transition. You may even notice that, even with a light dosage of Bushmaster, the plants look a little sick for the first week or so of flower. But they'll bounce back, and they'll produce quite nicely...
  9. demoreal

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    what about the side branches?

    I do not top my plant but I trim my side branches a bit during transition so they look like lollipops. They are growing great.
    You can check them out in my grow.
    Do you guys think I should not do that?
    Maybe I got lucky with this purple diesel strain?
    am i not supposed too do that.

    speeden1, sorry if you think I am thread jacking, but it seems like an on topic question.
  10. TruePyroman

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    Mr. Green says

    In his grow video he tops all of his plants 1 week into the flowering cycle, this way, he gets a main cola that is split in two at the top of the cola.

    from Mr. Green's - I grow chronic
  11. MTbudman

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    Haha, I've been following his vids for my first grow..
    I'm new to this but one thing I have learned is everything is different to someone elses conditions.
  12. eastbaygordo

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    I did it by accident and it worker out well

    I guess I got lucky last year when I learned about bending and topping and got a little over zealous trying it at home and broke the top off my MASS well into flower. She got really happy and ended up looking like a Hanukkah candle holder and the buds were gorgeous and powerful.
    Your mileage may vary.
  13. WashougalWonder

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    I agree that it is not good to top in flower, but it can, and sometimes must be done.

    Frankly I don't like the idea of adding any chemical to my plants, will look up Bushmaster and check it out, might have use with some of my taller sativas.

    I do not think topping has any effect on the quality of the medicine, I doubt very seriously that the weed is only good for canna butter, actually I could prove it, just not online. Topping will cause many smaller colas on the lower branches that will be larger than usual. By weight, if I do this, I get the same amount of medicine, maybe not the top as big as my arm, but I do not see any quality reduction at all.

    I kinda think this is an opinion question that has no perfect answer. I will add, I rarely top an indica at any point, the sativa's I have no choice due to height.
  14. Bezzer

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