Total cost of obtaining Cannabis Card in WA St

Discussion in 'Washington (WA)' started by Caseyaj6, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Caseyaj6

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    how much does it cost total to recieve your card in washington state?
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  3. killerweed420

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    Sometimes you can get a discount if you're below poverty level.
  4. VapedG13

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    Why would you want a card?? Legally speaking it does you no good...Co-ops and dispesaries are illegal at this point in time in Washington state. (even though they have some)

    Alls you need is your doctors note stating you need MMJ and you can grow it yourself
  5. bluntpasser

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  6. killerweed420

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    Co-ops are illegal here. Read the state law. You can have a caretaker grow for you but thats it. He can only grow for one person and he's not allowed to use himself.
    Co-ops and dispensaries have been working in a gray area. So far they haven't been bothered much.
  7. gypski

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    I agree on the legal issue of co-ops. As far as a caregiver goes, they cannot use from the same medicine that the patient does. If the caregiver is also a patient, he or she can also use medicine, but it must be kept separate from those they are providing medicine for. That is my understanding. :thumbsup:
  8. VapedG13

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    According to Wa State law they are totally illegal.....but LEO does turn their heads.

    Dont be surprised when the Co-Op you visited... might just get visited itself and be no more:mad:...... And guess what..... The people who got a MMJ card used that Co-Op and gave their info to be kept on file at the Co-Op now has a problem too

    Thats the catch in Washington...You can get a card but the people who supply weed/starts and teach you how to grow are doing it illegally.

    Alls you need is your doctors note.....and some starts or seeds you can legally grow 15 mature plants or 24 ozs per 60 days...Shit cut off the profiters and grow your own.

    I been smokin weed for 30 years....I havent had to buy any weed for the last 15 years:thumbsup: and I have 12 different medical strains to choose from
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  9. gypski

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    A federal court decision protects patient records of a legally incorporated non-profit providing advice and medicine for patients. That doesn't stop someone from taking pictures of patneints entring and exiting known co-ops. And, not everyone can or is willing or able to grow their own, so legal providers are necessary. Time for the system and society to come into the 21st Century. They create the criminals beyond the norms of real human aberrant behavior. If a pharmacy can provide FDA approved pharmaceuticals, and doesn't yet recognize the theraputic benefits of marijuana, then there must be a source for those in need of medical marijuana. Our politicians are still dragging their feet to do the right thing and allow co-ops. Not spin-offs from street dealers, but by actual medical patients. :twocents:
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  10. Dreadscale

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    Hi All!!! :thumbsup:
    bluntpasser welcome to the forum. :)

    Providing false or misleading information is a really bad thing to do!!
    Some people believe what they read and statements such as this could lead people to believe they are legal.

    It is easy to lash out when people state things that appose your views!
    I suggest, having all the facts before making statements like this.
    It seems when you are wrong it makes you look silly and your credibility gets ruined in the process!!

    This is a very good point!!!
  11. killerweed420

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    It actually looks like they have changed the law a little. You use to not be able to consume any, which didn't make any sense.
    RCW 69.51A.010

    The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.

    (1) "Designated provider" means a person who:

    (a) Is eighteen years of age or older;

    (b) Has been designated in writing by a patient to serve as a designated provider under this chapter;

    (c) Is prohibited from consuming marijuana obtained for the personal, medical use of the patient for whom the individual is acting as designated provider; and

    (d) Is the designated provider to only one patient at any one time.
  12. ProVider

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    As a ProVider I don't believe you have ever been, "Legally" able to consume any of your patients meds.

    Being a provider and not a patient, you have no legal defense to do so!!
  13. drudown11

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    do I really need to pay 200 and get the card, what does the card do for you anyways?
  14. gypski

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    I wonder if the operative word here is obtained. What if a caregiver is growing for two people living in the same place and both are medical patients??? Does that mean they both have to keep their meds separate? How about if they are married??? Or are both considered as individual mmj patients? In my mind, obtaining and growing are two different things. The semantics can get hazy, (c) above says you can't have any the way I read it. :lol5:
  15. killerweed420

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    Our laws here are still pretty vague. The way I read it is you could grow for yourself and someone else but you're not allowed to use any of your patients. Hopefully they'll be taking another look at this and just allow coops and dispensaries. Its really unimportant how many people you grow for as long as you have the legal authorizations for each patient.
  16. bluntpasser

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    I was quite incorrect..i am gonna have to slow down and take a look outside the box from now on..And i apologize for offending anybody in the process..The reason i seaked out a co-op was because i indeed suffer from chronic pain and was not able to get any medicine for myself or the family for a week period..the street dealers locally are overpriced and sell garbage smoke..thus forced me too find an alternative supply, which has been succesfull so far but yes illegal..
    I plan on growing enough so i wont have to buy eventually but i am just not quite there yet...hopefully in october i will see that day...Ice and Hash Plant Harvest Hopefully..:stoned:
  17. gypski

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    I agree. Oakland, California is doing what King County should do and others. :thumbsup:

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