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    Here is a little quick guide I've decided to make about transplanting clones.

    Picture 1 - The clones, we need to check the roots
    Picture 2 - Put the main stem between you're fingers and just turn over the plant, squeeze gently the container until the plant is in you're hands.
    Picture 3 - You can see a start of root bound.
    Picture 4 - Take a lager container put you're favorite soil and press it down gently
    Picture 5 - If the soil is dry, mist a little the soil so it get wet.

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    Guide part 2

    Picture 1 - Use a container the same size as the one used for the plant you want to transplant
    Picture 2 - Start to fill the pot with soil
    Picture 3 - Once filled with soil
    Picture 4 - Press gently to soil to compact it
    Picture 5 - Add some soil in the so the pot is almost fill to the rim

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    Guide Part 3

    Picture 1 - Once the pot is filled with soil you can remove the center container
    Picture 2 - Moist the soil if it's dry
    Picture 3 - Take the plant you need to transplant (ref guide part 1) be careful not to tilt the plant once it's in your hand, it could cause the soil to separate braking the root system as well.
    Picture 4 - Quickly turn to plant in the holes ready to accept it, again be careful not to break any roots if possible. The less root are damage the less the plant will be in shock. Add some more soil if needed

    I usually water the containers until I have a run off with plain water, no nutriments, with a Ph around 6.5, after I leave the plant in the dark for 12 hours to minimize the shock from the transplant. Past this 12 hours if dark, I keep them on 18/6 or 24/0. Wait until the soil is really dry to water again, this will encourage the roots to go deeper in the soil trying to reach for water.

    If you have suggestions, comments, etc. let me know.
    Hope this may help some of you !

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