Transplant Now? (7 days old, and 6 inches tall!)

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by NeuroGheist, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Okay. I've got a seedling that's been growing for 7 days now. It's stretched to about 6-7 inches, and has been maturing quite fast. It already has 2 sets of serrated leaves, along with the cotyledons below them. The lower section of serrated leaves, is already starting to grow mini-leaves beside them, thus making a 3 leaf...leaf, in each side. Lmao.

    Anyways. It's become top-heavy. I've had to use a string and a bamboo stick to hold up the stem, so that it points into the light. I've also kept a fan on the plant for that same week now, but it's still slightly tipping, out of the light.

    What with it being this mature, and already 6+ inches tall, would it be a good idea for me to transplant to a bigger pot now?

    I'm currently growing the seedling in a peat pellet. The roots haven't broken thru the mesh yet. But the plant itself, is already 6 inches tall.

    Would transplanting be reccomended right now, even though it's only a week old? Most people transplant from their peat pellets after 3 weeks, and roots poke through the mesh. But since i'm having a stretching problem, i'm curious as to know if I should just transplant now.

    There are no signs of unhealthyness. Just tipping due to stretching, and the plant being top-heavy.

    So would transplanting it, and burying it down to it's cotyledons, be a good idea so it has more balance?

    And if so, how do I go about transplanting from a peat pellet? Do I take the mesh off, or leave it on, and put it in the medium as is. Mesh and all.

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    pics please...ain't no other way for anyone here to advise you without them.
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    I currently don't have batteries for my camera yet. Plus furthermore, the cord is missing (at the moment). But I should be getting some tomorrow. Once I do so, i'll take pics of the plant. Then furthermore, attempt to find the cord. Lmao.

    Although judging by the looks of the plant, I think I just should go ahead and transplant it before it topples over and croaks. Because 7 inches at 7 days, basically means an inch a day. And that somewhat worries me. It may be normal for cannabis to grow that way, but it's not a good idea to keep it happening, when the plant is top-heavy. So i'm gunna go ahead and transplant it now.

    Since i'm using peat pellets to start with, I think i'll transfer it into some pre-baught (I thought ahead) "Schultz Seed Starter: Potting & Planting Mix Plus", which contains peat moss, and pearlite. Which will reduce any type of "shock" the plant may go into. Due to the fact, the same growing medum is basically being used (peat moss). Only in a bigger pot.
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    Okay. Here's a picture of it. It's kinda crappy though, because I had to take it with my webcam. =P But yeah, you (probably) get the general idea. It's fuckin' tall. I had to lightly tie a lace around it, and fasten it to a bamboo stick, simply to make it not fall over. Lmfao. And if there's any relevence to this, the strain is Bubble Gum.

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  5. NeuroGheist

    NeuroGheist Registered stealing a picture from someone else on weedfarmer.
    This, is exactly what my plant looks like. Only about 6 inches tall. =D

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  6. SiXFeEtDeEp

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    id try to wait another week. i too had a thread and have a 7-8 day old plant. they all recommend waiting for another week.

    um. at a week and that much stretch thats nuts. i got that many leafs and nuds too but mine are all tight together. idk i would wait.
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    bury 6 of the 7 inches of it when you transplant. the leaves are supposed to start about 1 inch out of soil. and if you bury the rest of the stem it will turn back to root so its okay.
  8. psycho

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    Rybuds right u need t bury some of its stem. What lights y using that plant is really stretching. How far away from y plant have y got y lights
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    Yes, transplant now. Just bury the peat pot, mesh and all, all the way up to about an inch below the bottom leaves. What kind of lighting do you have? Obviously not enough, otherwise it wouldn't be stretching like that. Get a couple CFLs(compact fluorescent lightbulbs) and put them about 1 to 2 inches away from the leaves. I guarantee it won't keep stretching like it is.

    Check out my 2 day old seedlings, Nirvana White Rhino. We started them in 1 gallon pots lol, just cause we had the room :dance:

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