Transplanting to a bigger pot during flowering...

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by mungie, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. mungie

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    My plant has been flowing for about a month but growth has seem to have slowed drastically. Could it be because its in a 3 gal bucket? is it too late to transplant it to something bigger? some of the hairs are turning orange but not many. Thanks ahead of time!
  2. Weezard

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    Not an answer.

    Just a little more information for ya.

    3 gal. should be sufficient for a 6 footer.
    Can not recommend transplanting with the scant info given.

    More detail?
    Is she actually rootbound?
    Do roots poke out through the bottom?
    Do you have to water often?
    (If she ain't broke, no "fix" her, yah?)

    What I can tell you is;

    I have set some flowering girls with tight, (1g.) shoes atop a 5g. DWC bucket at the first month and had a lot of root growth during flowering.
    The root ball filled the bucket!

    Was it worth the trouble?
    Ah dunno.

    Did them all at once so can not say if it was worth the trouble or not .

    Is so, it was not a dramatic difference.

    Next time I'll keep a control gal with "dryer feet" for comparison.

  3. sunbiz1

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    Root bind my ass on plants, after over 100 in various plants in pots I have never had the problem here in the States..stick to walking with your hash in shoes/chess you posted to me last year.
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    Belated happy birthday, Sunbiz.

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    nice way to pull the punches...:thumbsup:...+ rep...Weeze...:pimp:
  6. sunbiz1

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    Thank you, weez. And I just cut down a male plant today(and tossed it in the woods)!.
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  7. NorCalShooter

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    as long as you dont disrupt the root ball to bad ( if their rootbound it should come out in one pot shaped piece) you wont have the least bit trouble. it always seems that come flowering time each year, ive always got a couple that decide they want replanted when there about half way thru. just repotted 10 big (7ft+) plants out of 30 gallon pots into 50 gallon pots without issues. youll also notice right after trasplanting during flowering youll get a big quick growth spurt. the 7 footers i planted jumped a good 2 feet within the first week of replanting.

    this little bud came off of a bottom sucker branch on one of my bubba kushes . it still has a ways to go at least 2-3 weeks i think). this was the smallest bud on there, and its as big around as a coke can. its gnna be an easy multi-pound plant

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  8. LetsSeeYa

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    Yep so true, just look in my Sig to re pot. It will not hurt your roots if done the way i show in this thread. Iv re potted to many Bonsai trees to know how to re pot w/o stress to the plant:thumbsup:

  9. GROWxMOREx420

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    If it's 4 weeks into flowering, you can transplant into a bigger pot but don't expect it to get too much bigger. Most of it's energy is being converted into the growth of the buds and resin production.

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