travelin to the cannabis cup this year....

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by loud, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. loud

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    yes this is my first time out of country.. and i was just wonder what prices were in coffee shops just to have an idea,... of what stuff costs out there so i kno what to bring im a pretty heavy smoker... sooo
  2. Ferre

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    between 6 and 12 euro/gram, depending on quality and sometimes coffeeshop.
  3. i hear you Ferre btw nice update on thcministry ;)
    Om uw extra te vermennen heeft Gourmet de brokjes extra lekker gemaakt.Om elk apart brojke zit nu een everheerlijk laagje.Proobeert u het maar,u zult zien dat uw kat ervan smult!
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    It depends where you go and what you want really, 6 euros for a gram, and you can only buy up to 5 at one place...also seeing as you will have so much choice, go for something strong and original. If you want to get stoned try Dutch Passion or Dealers Dope. My personal favourite is Snow White (Pretty common) .
    If ur looking for high try Bubblegum, Northern Lights or the classic white widow which you can buy anywhere. Thats about all you need to know, but some of the big Amsterdam shops have hundreds of strains to try. Plus lots of them have special deals with different types and prices.
    Oh yeah a pre-roll is 3 euros and a megaspliff is 4 which is rlly good to get the night started.
  5. stonerpoet

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    I'm so jelous, I want to go!!!
  6. dutchtreat

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    I'll be arriving solo on Wed the 15th from Hawaii. Not my first trip to Holland but always looking for new friends to hang out with. Speak a little french, but no dutch. Anyone wanna give me the weather report for this month, possibly hook up for a toke and a talk?
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    i can't believe that all the dutch threads are so old
    i'm here to talk to anyone out there?
  8. SalfordMan

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    Me and a mate are looking at coming over soonish to sample the delights any tips on accomodation, best places to toke etc. Thanks
  9. kongo

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    Greetings Amsterdammned,

    Glad to hear your goin too.myself and a few mates are heading over for the week.Been to the Dam at least 20 times and I know my fair share orf grade A CShops.It is my first cup though and were really looking forward to.Will be doin overtime till the day we laeve lol a well has to be done.MJ be callin me B!

    Anyhoo if you like we could hook up swap stoner stories and shit.We're a good buncha lads aways looking to meet fellow brethren in the search for the ultimate toke.If your wanna hook up email sometime ok!

    Peace and love.
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    cool how much did it cost to go to the ccup?
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    hey guys after recently gettin back from amsterdam i wanna go to the cannabis cup is there no other way u can visit without having to be a judge? i heard a visitors pass is $50 anyone know anything?

  13. Dampkring

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    You should check out Amsterdam Information you will find information about accommodation in Amsterdam
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    oh... another spammer ... that is too bad. I could have liked you. reported and ignored.

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