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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by Ares23, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Ares23

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    I'm gonna be flying from Colorado to New Jersey soon, wanted to bring a few joints for the trip since I don't wanna bother finding some there. What success have you guys had flying with weed? I was thinking of bring a bag of pretzels sticks and throwing the joints in that pretzel bag in my carry on, how does that sound?
  2. gardenermendo

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    You'd have to have them in a perfectly sealed bag intended to prevent any odor escaping. Cannaline makes those kinds of bags.

    But do you really want to take a chance? Do you want to take the chance of being caught and what happens if you do get caught? I wouldn't.

    Eat chocolate instead.
  3. stevetrentwilliamson

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    Always carry your weed (if you have to) in your carry ons, and never in the checked luggage itself.
    Plus, the laws vary from state to state, so you gotta do some research before hand as well. For instance,

    Denver airport has declared all possession of cannabis as illegal. So, even if you were caught, they won’t jail you or fine you, but throw your weed out.

    In Portland, police will check your boarding pass before letting you pass. If you’re flying to somewhere else within state lines—which evidently is a thing—you’re free to board with weed. If you’re flying somewhere else, even to a state where cannabis is also legal, you’ll be asked to part with your weed somehow.

    In San Francisco, you’re allowed to board with an ounce, but if you have your MMJ recommendation, you’re allowed to board with 8 ounces.

    I'm assuming you don't have a medical card, do ya?
  4. Mass Medicinals

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    As a rule, we would never recommend you board or travel with weed. Mass hasn't become weed friendly yet. And we have those special machines in the airport that airblast you to see what's on your person. So gone are the days when the bag can be sitting in your pocket. Our only suggestion would be to bring edibles. Preferably something that looks and smells legit.

    We didn't know about the lax laws in the west coast. This is really interesting to know that people are being allowed to fly with medical cannabis. This is very cool!

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