Traveling with glass pieces through airport

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Tetragrammaton, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Tetragrammaton

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    Hey everyone. I live in New York, but for the past two weeks i've been staying with my family at my relative's house in Arizona. While in AZ, we put a couple days aside to go to Puerto Penasco in Mexico where i purchased a sweet little bowl and a nice bubbler.

    Now, according to Arizona state law, these pieces are considered drug paraphernalia and are illegal.

    I'm trying to decide whether i should either just try and pack them in my checked bags, keep them on my carry on bag and put them through the x ray machine, or just try and keep them in my pockets while i go through the metal detector. I'm leaning toward the latter, but i'm also contemplating just trying my luck with keeping them in my checked bag. I'm not so much worried about the bowl because it's compact and i can just keep it in my pocket, but the bubbler is a lot bigger and is definitely gonna be a bit harder to deal with.

    I know this is a pretty stupid situation and probably isn't that big of a deal, but i'm worried about security questioning me about my pieces (especially since i'm traveling with my parents)

    any advice?
  2. S.L.D. 420

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    Did you smoke out of them already? lol

    If you did just clean them as best you can, and smoke like some flavored tabco out of them, and just be like... "i smoke flavored tabco out of them" Because isn't that what bowls were really made for?! Because you can buy them at Smokers depot.
  3. Tetragrammaton

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    nope, i haven't smoked out of them yet. they're perfectly clean. i'm hoping that the situation won't arise as to where i'd have to do ANY explaining whatsoever. I'm just not sure how i'm going to go about doing that yet.

    my flight is in 2 days and i'm still not sure what i should do.
  4. mrtbone55

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    just pack them up and mail them to yourself...

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