Treating Dog with Aggressive Cancer, not sure it's working.

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by challender, Jul 5, 2017.

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    Taking your advice, we wondered if the large amount of cannabis that we were giving her daily might have really built up in her system. So we took her off for another 24 hours, then restarted with a VERY low dose. About a fourth of 50mg, once a day. Then when that seemed to not cause a problem with her eating -- YES, SHE STARTED EATING -- we moved to twice a day at that dose last night.

    She is still eating. Her fever has dropped -- we don't know how much, but she's not burning up anymore, and she's been too hot for a long time (we're waiting on an Amazon purchase for a ear thermometer) -- and her loose stools have begun to firm up, and become brown again (They'd been a dark green). And she's much more steady on her feet.

    It's not all perfect. She has had one bout of bad loose stools and threw up once, but we think that was more that she ate too much too fast than anything else.

    Now if this will just continue.

    Again, thank you!

    And here is our baby. It's a few years old, but you can see she does look a bit like your baby.

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    We are having our little girl put down today.

    I just want to note, for anyone who see's this thread that we do believe if we had stopped at the dose that was working -- about a grain of rice, might have been two rices, twice a day -- she might have made it. But we gave her too much, too long.

    Best wishes.
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    Thank you, for trying to help us. It was greatly appreciated.
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    At her age, there was not much left.
    Often the right thing to do is the hardest.
    You have my sympathy and respect.

    Aloha, to you and Dru.
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