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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Pupp, Aug 10, 2018 at 4:46 PM.

  1. Pupp

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    This is the only cannabis forum I visit, but I noticed over the years, as legalization creeps across the nation, this forum seems to get less and less postings. I've scaled way back on my own posting as the years go by. I guess the legalization effort has tipped the scale to the point where a lot of people don't feel they need to go to a cannabis forum to get whatever information they want or need. Another thing I noticed is that the number of people posting about passing drug tests has truly plummeted compared to even a couple years ago.

    As far as people wanting grow information, even that's way down. Not sure why, I suppose if your in a state that allows users to grow a few of their own plants, then there's probably ample local resources to find answers to common questions about growing ganja.

    I've scaled back because legalization has gone mainstream and posting here is just preaching to the choir. Although I might post about any major developments, I'd say California getting recreational marijuana was the big kahuna of stories for now. Some sort of national legalization effort would have to gain serious traction to really light up the various cannabis forums with some real energy.

    I suspect when the 2020 election cycle gets into full swing, marijuana will again become a real campaign issue.
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  2. Dutch Pimp

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    I still stay and watch it all go by.
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  3. EvilCartman

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    You're probably right. :thumbsupold:
    I know several of my neighbors that are growing, now. We share tips regarding the plants, all the time.
    Growing legally outside is too cool. My next door guy wants to have a harvest party!

    I still hang here a little.
    The downer is that the State forums are so weak here. As things went legal, folks were scampering around in search of genetics here on the right coast.
    I've gotten some righteous cuts through various meet-ups in the area. Arrangements all made through State forums, elsewhere.
    The implementation of PMs was a big step in the right direction here, but came along too late, well into the exodus.
    The extended period of software glitches certainly didn't help. :wtfsign:

    Something STILL ain't right. :confused:
    I have functionality, but still get a message on the log-in screen that the site is not secure.
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    Always treat this site as a public place.
    It is un-encrypted and info to and from can be viewed en route.
    Legal growers need not fret.
    But large, illegal, operations need more that TOR.
    Best to find other, encrypted sites with secure logins.
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