trichome magnifying glass?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by AmazingBlazing, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. AmazingBlazing

    AmazingBlazing Registered+

    Quick question. how powerful of a magnifying glass do you need to check trichomes? also, where can you find a good one? thanks
  2. dusto2k3

    dusto2k3 Registered+

    anywhere from 10-30x works good. 10x is great. look at radio shack of on ebay for a jewelers loupe.
  3. crazyhorse

    crazyhorse Registered

    I bought a little cheesy plastic to microscope on ebay, ten bucks, works fine! I can see the trich's perfectly:thumbsup:
  4. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    Those Radio Shack plastic microscopes are great for checking out detail in a closed environment and on a flat surface but for getting closeups of the flowers while still on the plant a 10x-30x magnifying glass is much better and easier to see what's going on. Higher power needs a steady surface or else it's nearly impossible to keep the subject in focus which is why a lower power is best for our needs.
  5. Tendril.traY

    Tendril.traY Registered+

    hey blaze dnt mean to knock your thread but im about 5 1/2 weeks in flower and i was wondering what is it that u look for? is it the hairs or the thicromes and whatdo you look for. i read you look for half brown/amber in the hairs or thicromes but im not sure. if u can let me know... thx
    srry about the knock dude.

  6. whisky

    whisky Registered

    you should look on the leaves next to the hairs.. usually top of bud is good to see.. you will see small white dots on them wth your naked eye. zoom there with the mag.
  7. FreeVenice

    FreeVenice Registered+

    I use a lens for viewing negatives.

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