Trichomes clear to amber?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by lulu64, Jun 13, 2012.

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    Can someone help me? Pushit if you're around I know I can count on you. How long does it take for trichomes to go from clear to amber? Also, is it necessary to have resin on the buds? I'm 13 weeks into flowering and still no resin.
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    first question is, " do you have a magnification device?" If the answer is yes, then great! If you say no, then shame on you and you need to RUN!!! to Radio Shack and get an ILLUMINATED MICROSCOPE for $11.99. The reason i am sending you to radio shack is because you need this TODAY. Dont wait for something to be delivered. here is the link for the product you should get:

    Illuminated Microscope -

    Look at your Tri's through that and you will see LOTS of little drops of resin. What are you growing? Is the strain mostly Indica or Sativa? What is the temp at night in your grow area? What type of high are you wanting? Do you like a "couch-lock" or are you the guy who likes to move around and be wound up when high? answer all these questions on this thread or email me at and I can let you know what to do and look for from there.

    If you got tri's showing then I PROMISE that you have resin going. Dont worry, mother nature will do what she does and MJ plants always have resin

    let me know if ya want help--

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    That's a tricky question. Its pretty much depends on the strain and your grow setup. By this I mean different times for indica/sativa and also florescent lighting takes longer than a hps. Its takes awhile for my clear trics to start turning from clear to cloudy but once they do, im usually looking at around 2 weeks before i start seeing amber. This is a real rough estimate according to my setup and plants so this is not set in stone by no means. So when are we gonna see a pic of one of your girls?
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    I had a terrible time in my last grow waiting for the trichomes to turn amber...

    I think I was on week 13 when I finally say some amber. I was growing Big Bud x Northern Light.

    I think the main reason for the lack of amber trichomes was because I am an LED grower.

    After chatting with some other LED growers I finally came to the conclusion that the LED wasn't producing enough UV light.

    Perhaps the trichomes are affected by the UV created by the sun and even HPS lighting. My LED does have one UV and one IR diode in the lamp.

    Maybe the combination of the heat produced by the conventional HPS lighting might also be a factor. Might be interesting to find out from T5 growers how trichomes react to fluorescent..

    Or possibly purely CFL growers...

    My buds were left too long as they started to get deformed from extra growths growing out the side of them. Still got me more bud though ;)

    Anyway, hope this might help others to share their experiences with different lighting.

    BamaGrower is 100% right about the microscope. I have one too, got it for $4 on eBay. I even invested in a USB microscope so now I can take photos on my laptop.

    Take Care dude

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  5. PhatJay

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    This is very very true. Under CFL my white rhino was more of a trippy buzz because the trichs would stay milky. Under HPS it's couchlocky because loads more of the trichs are amber at the same stage of flowering.
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    yes I have a scope. Crystals are clear and I'm in the 13 week of flowering. Still no amber from what I can see. It's an Indica but I have no idea what name it is. I'm using a 100W cfl for flowering. The leaves are turning yellow. Should I wait a bit longer? I'm just afraid if I go too long I could loose it all. Thanks
  7. PhatJay

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    I would harvest it. If it is indica it is well over done. Not many of my trichs went amber flowering under CFL light.

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