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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by OR Freebird, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. OR Freebird

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    Been reading a lot of stuff on how trichrome maturity (versus percent of red hairs) is the real way to see when your crop is ready. As I understand it, the trichromes form into clear little golf tee shaped organisms that slowly cloud over (they're ripe then), and then go amber (waited too long).

    ANYWAYS ...

    Went to radio Shack and bought a 60x - 100x lighted pocket microscope (Model 63-1133) for, get this, $10.00. Got the first real look at my developing plant matter and WOW, that is amazing. Well worth the $10.00 investment.

    Oops .. forgot to check the trichrome color, was so busy lost in the microscopic winter wonderland.


    This is Captain Happy signing off

    HARDDON Registered+

    Yea those things sure open up the cellular size life going on in the plants don't they?
  3. OR Freebird

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    It's like a whole new world -- whoaaaa
  4. Zandor

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    Try a 30x microscope.......a totaly different view. You can see hundreds of thrichomes in one view. A 10x lupe is ok but you don't get the detail you should.

    HARDDON Registered+

    How many arms does one need to use a 30X Scope on a plant?
  6. Zandor

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    I give up HARDDON How many arms does it take to use a 30X Scope on a plant?

  7. OR Freebird

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    Well, if anyone cares, my trichromes are still clear, not yet cloudy. But very well formed.

    Despite myself I nipped a bud and smoked it raw. And it was good --even without drying or curing. So I guess I'm officially excited now.

    2 plants were real winners, and 2 plants produced airy bud of mediocore quality (yes .. I used some supposed White Rhino seeds from a friend -- god knows what they really were). So I guess I smoke 2 and eat 2.

    It looks like I'll get quite a haul off the two good plants -- so I'll consider my first indoor grow (a bit premnaturly) a success. See pic below:

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    HARDDON Registered+

    Of course we care!

    Thats why we're here.

    Congrats on your grow............I am so happy for you.

    Buds look really nice and dense.

    Give yourself a pat on the back FreeBird.....

    Mission Accomplished....almost..... :D
  9. NoosaHeads

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    these are a good veiw..:D..

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  10. OR Freebird

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    Nice pics. Thanx. According to the chart I have about 1 more week to go -- that'll be my 6th week of flowering. I'll be checking the trichrome chart regularly.

    The buds are real tight I have one bud that's just about a foot long. A real beauty -- both from afar and real close up. Wish I could share some with you guys/gals

    HARDDON Registered+

    Use the chart with the trich color...not the one that shows the pistel colors.

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