tried butter for the first time

Discussion in 'Edibles' started by Mal420xl, Feb 4, 2013.

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    seeing as my copd isnt likely to get better or at least level off until i force myself to stop smoking, i decided i better figure out my alternatives now instead of later.
    ive had all kinds of brownies and cookies etc. never made butter before. interesting but i cant say i had a real good test at it. one of my plants was beyond saving
    and still just veggin so it was pretty weak to start. i remember not too long ago someone posted about their butter giving them real bad breath. i think its from the
    it being uncured maybe, in my case i didnt even dry it. it stunk like ass for sure just makin it so i can imagine i wasnt winning any friends yesterday. not the most
    amazing buzz but it was passable. i only used one stick of butter and the plant was sorta small, it might have worked out to maybe a real fat 1/8th of shake had i
    bothered to dry it. the butter tasted nasty by itself(yeah yeah i figured it would but i still had to try it didnt i?) so i mixed it into ice cream, that was not so bad.
    i used to just crumble herb or when i could get it hash into cookie or brownie mix. gotta figure some of the thc was cooked off from that. wish i had thought of butter
    way back then. as far as those that dont get a buzz from eating, it is mostly the way your liver metabolizes or rather doesnt metabolize thc.
    eating it is probably the least efficient way to take it in. there is usually a way to get around that though.
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    so far nobody hasn't got a major buzz and good nights sleep on my edibles. I make em to replace cancer survivors morphine, oxys and addicting pain killers.

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