Trimming Excess Leaves During Flowering

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Just A Beginner, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Just A Beginner

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    Hi all, just wondering really if it's beneficial to trim excess leaves to allow light to the lower buds ? The plants are one week into flowering now, coming along really nice but the buds at the bottom arent gettin as much light do to the large leaves, and thought if i trim back a lot of the leaves it would help it along?, i could be totally stupid in thinking this or right, but as my name says, just a beginner !! :silly:
  2. razzapiggy

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    Seems this is a heated debate amongst growers. I personally will never take anything off the top. I do trim on the bottom to allow more air flow on the bottom of the plants, especially if there is nothing but air-y small buds on the stems. You could try bending your plants down to allow more light to penetrate deeper into your canopy, or perhaps spread your plants out a bit? Do you have a light meter? If not, grab one, they are sweet!
  3. JackdaWack

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    this isnt that heated of a subject, your lower leaves shouldnt be cut if there getting light and you have good air movement, if not people need to compensate for this and if u dont get much light at the bottom, its beneficial to cut the leaves and promote more growth up top. However it is pointless and stunts the plant to cut leaves, if you can tie them down or together that would be better. hps light penetrates some 3 feet from canopy
  4. razzapiggy

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    I cut where the light was no longer penetrating, but lots of people say just leave the leaf on no matter what... from what I've seen anyhow in this forum and in articles I've read.
  5. stinkyattic

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    Leave the leaves on at all costs.
    If you are intent on pruning, prune enitre low BRANCHES to concentrate bud-building energy at the top of the plant and improve airflow.
    IF you feel that your plant is not getting enough light to the whole thing, consider BENDING it over a bit or adding more light.
    And remember... mutilating your plants stresses them... you know what stress leads to... HERMS!!! Don't even risk it.
  6. Just A Beginner

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    yeh we decided to leave things be, well aprt from trim the REALLY large leaves, we just fed them n superthrived them as well, do u count first day you see bid as day 1. or first day of 12/12 as day 1. really coinfused and a tad drunknloll

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