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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by trickyricky, Oct 30, 2009.

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    I just Moved to the Trinidad Area, I Have my MMJ Card. Is there a dispensary near by ? from what i under stand the city of Trinidad Has Banned any dispensary from opening up here!! when I know more I'll post the Info!!, Does Pueblo have a dispensary? it's A just hour drive, Where as Denver Is a 3 plus Hour Drive!!! Thanks, Tricky
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    There was just a dispensary in Pueblo added at today. I am not sure what the name was but it was in Pueblo for sure.

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    UPDATE:TRINIDAD - City Council has voted for an ordinance that prohibits the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits.

    City Manager Jim Soltis said Monday that the council has unanimously approved on first reading an ordinance that will keep medical marijuana outlets from operating in town.

    A final vote is scheduled for Nov. 17.

    Soltis said that there were a number of issues that concern council members about dispensaries in city limits.

    "Primarily there was a concern about the abuse of marijuana and the ability to provide proper enforcement and regulations (to the dispensaries)," Soltis said. Colorado voters approved medical marijuana use in 2000. The law states that it is up to local governments to set regulations for dispensaries.
    I'll let you all know how this goes, Tricky
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    Yes, I read about the court decision in Trinidad yesterday. Unfortunate for good people like you trying to find medicine nearby. Pueblo is your best option.

    I found this listing:

    Mary's Medicine

    Otherwise, I'll have to do some research to come up with more listings.
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    High Valley Healing Center
    San Luis Valley

    Don't know where this is located...maybe Alamosa?

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