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Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by BanjoMoon, Sep 13, 2016.

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    I am having a lot of difficulty choosing a strain to grow.

    I need to choose 2 strains.

    Here are some I'm thinking about:
    -Girl Scout Cookies
    -Gorilla Glue #4

    Here is what I will be growing with:
    -5 foot tall, 4 foot wide, and 2 foot thick grow tent (I will fit 2 plants in here)
    -1000 watt LED

    I am looking for strain that can:
    -knock my head off
    -give me hallucinations
    -make me so stoned it's hard to move/do anything (is that what couchlock is?)

    I am having great difficulty finding strains with these effects. And when I do find something someone recommends, I see reviews elsewhere saying that the high is "light" and "clear" - which is exactly what I DON'T want.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

  2. BanjoMoon

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    In a previous post I was asking for advice for choosing a strain, but I feel that the high I'm looking for was not accurately described in that thread.

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