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Trouble ordering with credit card

Discussion in 'Rhino Cannabis Seeds' started by Bigsexy85, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Bigsexy85

    Bigsexy85 Registered+

    I tried to place an order today. When i try to check out it would not give me the option of paying with my credit card

    I thought the bit coin might have been where i do it but when i clicked in on it it gave me an order number but never asked for my card number
  2. cannabis-seeds

    cannabis-seeds Premium Sponsor

    There was an issue with our credit card processor. No one's information was compromised or fraudulent charges or whatever - just something about how much they were charging us per transaction.

    Until we find a better one that is willing to work with a seed company, they've stopped credit card payments.

    To be honest, I don't know what the bit coin thing is all about - I haven't had time to took it up.
    I think it's some kind of online currency that you can buy.

    If you want to send cash or a money order in the meantime, that will work.

    Sorry I haven't put the Maui Wowie up yet - I've had a root canal failure & been doing very little work this weekend.
    The antibiotics have worked enough to take away most of the tooth pain, but I have a constant headache & my half my face is swollen like a balloon.
    Not fun.
  3. Bigsexy85

    Bigsexy85 Registered+

    I see. Thats understandable

    I understand the root canal iv had one. Take ur time and feel better

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