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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by TheBudBuster, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. TheBudBuster

    TheBudBuster Guest

    .. just wondering wether anyof you have or heard of people finding truffles:pimp: :Rasta: in eire.. i seen a prog that said they are all over england . and if they are they they will be here.. does anyone have an interest in fungi of the non magic order.. hahaha anyway i just wanna bring the pooch up to the forest and search .. id would be a good day if a truffle is found it can be used in food or sold.. ad grass bought with the profit.. hahaha.

  2. kongo

    kongo Registered+

    They say pigs are the best at finding truffels.Must get ol porky outa the pen and go a truffel hunting good ol chaps haw haw ,rawther lmao!
  3. mfitzp

    mfitzp Registered+

    they grow this time of year???
  4. nippledonkey

    nippledonkey Registered+

    I think it's October, isn't it?
  5. mfitzp

    mfitzp Registered+

    its oct-nov for normal shrooms anyways *shrugs* lol
  6. TheBudBuster

    TheBudBuster Guest

    well the truffle will be grow after the worst rain before spring.. then once spring hits im supposed to look around the forest near the roots of larger hard woods. a chef mate said if i find them hell give me good price.. its worth a try...

    i was reading a site i found its really good alot of info on diff fungis and truffles . i says that someone found one under their eucyliptus tree.. id ont think ther will be many of tose growing wild.. but i dont know.
    Truffle are alot diff than shrooms as they take longer to grow. they start underground. then when its ripe, around 15 20 days after the worst rain they grow larger and pop above the surface sometimes..

    But yes i need a pig.. of a dog that has a clue.. my dog would run away with the truffle.. hahaha

    if ANYONE know more plz tell me..

  7. Land of Drought

    Land of Drought Registered+

    Ah Mushrooms ahahahahah....

    You'd need a Pig for sure,,,,,,,,,,,,
    As Mention 'd Without the blue light,,,I Couldnt help it,,,,,,,,,,,,.......

    Ther interesting looking things but i dont know much about them.....

    Happy Hunting,,, with or without the swine.....
  8. TheBudBuster

    TheBudBuster Guest

    lolol very weird stuff.

    cant beat the shroomies.eheheh

    Well anyone wanna read about ecosystems. and leartn more about mycorrhizal fungus then read this

    its long but interesting.

  9. mfitzp

    mfitzp Registered+

    wud u not just order them does'nt sound like there as easy to find as shrooms lol
  10. TheBudBuster

    TheBudBuster Guest

    no way.. to dear.. id only be able to get pickled or oiley truffle. big money.
    about 80 2 150 pound for 1 fresh truffle. depends on size and type.

    It would be easy money if they were here. plus they tasty over plain pasta.

  11. Mark0001

    Mark0001 Registered

    Bud, you may get some info from the RTE radio website, I heard a disscussion on the Derek Mooney show a while back, couple of months, cant remember much of what was said but they did talk about truffles, you may get a PODCAST of it, happy hunting!
  12. mfitzp

    mfitzp Registered+

    80 2 150 for one pound :eek: damnnnnnnnn truffles are useless though! the ones ive had anyways thats unreal
  13. TheBudBuster

    TheBudBuster Guest

    they are pretty useless. other than flavour. they look stinking. but hey why not if they are to be got then find them.

    Cheers mark ill check dat out.

  14. mfitzp

    mfitzp Registered+

    ye they realy are lol im not actualy fond of the taste i loveeeee the taste of shrooms hehe cant believe your getting that price though im so going into the shroom buisness (fucking mary fucking fat bitch harny eat my nuts!) sorry random hatespeech lol
  15. TheBudBuster

    TheBudBuster Guest

    hahahahah. yes ima start a shroom and truffle grow room. lolol bet thats illegal too.
  16. raul pascual

    raul pascual Registered

    hi guys, does someone know where can I sell black truffles?? thanks

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