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  1. Pupp

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    I think President Trump is a human stain, but the ruthlessness of the Mueller investigation even surprises me.

    I have some humanity in me, and hope that the people down the ladder of the Trump organization don't suffer, those people that just need to earn a paycheck, whether it's a secretary or the guy that mows one his golf courses, or any of the other nameless people that just want to earn a decent living that had the bad luck of working for a guy named Donald Trump.

    I do want the blue wave to come crashing in, and the red tide to drain away, but clearly the government is looking for total carnage, way beyond anything I'd envisioned.

    I do think President Trump did force the powers-that-be, a/k/a "The Government" to the point where they have to wage TOTAL WAR. Trump is even now trying to deny that he'd done anything wrong.

    We're living in history right now, but it's a black stain on both the USA, and for the American democracy.

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  2. Weezard

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    Perhaps 45*s relentless, baseless, attacks will move them to mercy?
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  3. Weezard

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    More like really good at what he does.

    And it's Kid gloves compared to what Barbara Underwood is bringing.:eek:
    She will indict Eric, Ivanka, and Don Jr. for foundation fraud.
    Just might force 45*, by resignation.
    Stay tuned.
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  4. EvilCartman

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    That's the winning hand, right there.. I think we know what the deal will be.
    No way the Donald lets Ivanka get sullied. The other two are expendable. :D

    Honestly, I believe he's served his purpose.
    Begone, foul twit. ;)
  5. Pupp

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    Ok, my friends know I call Trump the Human Stain. Anyway, after the Trump's blowup over the NY Times op-ed, in relation to the book Fear: Trump in the White House, one of my friends said we'd probably have to scrape Trump of the ceiling. I replied "Ahh, so the Human Stain moved from the floor to the ceiling."
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  6. bonbon

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    even in Montana, where he is a real threat to their way of life through eliminating EPA protections,willing to enforce eminent domain,land stripping...
    they willingly throw all of that aside to consume the red meat of fear,division,xenophobia,hate.
    trump will try to rely on the ignorant as before to keep him in power.
    kinda sad to see so many that will not benefit from this inept self serving administration are so rabidly loyal to the man himself and his propaganda.
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  7. Buck Rogers420

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    I can only hope that the "rabidly loyal",
    (and you know who you are) will stay off of this thread.
    How "r.l.'s"can believe that the EPA is bad because it makes polluters clean up the messes they make.
    From the beginning this administration has has stomped on the environment to save the rich money
    Other than the rich this policy helps financially, I can't see why anyone would thank this is good (especially those of us that need cleanest environment possible to grow the best weed possible).
    For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, a tariff is just a backdoor way to tax us.
    Love ya-all,
    Buck. :pirate:
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