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  1. Pupp

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    I just hope Biden doesn't run in 2020. Do we need another Obama 2.0 candidate?
  2. Weezard

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    Yes, yes we do.
    It's all about balance. :)
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  3. Pupp

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    I'm all for a democrat in the White House, what I'm not for is a president that was in President Obama's administration. Partly because I think in the end, the republican's minimized Obama's goals, especially in his 2nd term, and partly because I think it would be too polarizing. I would think Biden, if he ran, would have a pretty good shot at the nomination from the Democrats, but an Obama 2.0 candidate would be every bit as polarizing as it was in the last presidential election. Overall, I thought Obama was too liberal. Certainly more liberal than what most Americans were used to in the White House as far as presidents from the Democratic party.

    For the record, I lean democrat and prefer democrats in office, but I'm moderate enough to support some republican goals, and more than happy to support even some other republican goals, if one could get votes for some of the democratic legislation I'm more passionate about.
  4. onjig

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    Hi guys ~ a demo in the White House ~ would take us ~ further down the slop to world government ~ that would not be nice ~ to you or I ~ but Totalitarian ~ if you haven't caught sight of that yet ~ you really should ~ look into this ```

    Communism didn't die ~ or ~ go to sleep in China ~ with the fall of the Soviet ~ it ~ Marxist Communism ~ controls the Democrat Party ~ and many Republicans are in that fold ```

    Liberal is ~ Not ~ the mode of operation ~ of ~ Communism ~ once in complete control ~ of anything ~ any country ~ any people ```

    Once in control ~ any and all ~ those Carrots on a stick ~ even the legalization of Cannabis ~ are ~ rescinded ~ everything is outlawed ~ everyone is equal ~ with the ones in power ~ being more equal ```

    I've been to ~ and stayed ~ for a time ~ in Communist Controlled Countries ~ before and after their freedom ~ from the monsters ~ if you know Communism ~ and still favor ~ what the Demos have become ~ I know who you are ```

    By the way ~ Biden isn't an Obama the second ~ he's just an ~ child liking ~ alcoholic ~ money job loving ~ politician ~ who has chosen the Dem party ~ and could be a Repub at the drop of the hat ~ and talk that party line ~ as well ```
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  5. onjig

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    Hi Pupp ~ I think ~ you'r just a little off ~ Obama isn't too Liberal at all ~ he's not a liberal ``` Husane Obama ~ is a Marxist Muslim ~ who ~ moved mountains ~ did great things ~ for the communist cause ~ wooing several groups for support ~ by convincing them ~ he was ~ looking our for them and their wants ```

    In Indonesia where he was raised he was confirmed as Muslim ~ in the U.S. he learned Maoist Communism ~ he favored that over the ~ Marxism of the now Democrat Party ```

    If you lean toward or like Communism ~ you ~ should appreciate ~ what he has done in that 8 year term ~ and he isn't through ```
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  6. onjig

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    Every people who have experienced Genocide ~ have first ~ been disarmed ``` The foreign political ideology ~ that intends ~ to disarm the American ~ people ~ using violent acts ~ by the crazy or their enemy ~ is seeking to do so ~ to subject ~ America and the American People ~ to their hurt ~ as was done in many countries ```

    Saying that because the crazy and the muslim ~ have killed the innocent ~ the American People must be disarmed and there will be peace ~ and an end to violence ~ is a fools thinking ~ when violent actions are more numerous in gun free zones ~ attacks are always on the unprotected ```

    Outlawing Pressure Cookers ~ because of Muslim murder at the Boston Race ~ was never suggested ~ even though that was the vector of their killing ```
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  7. TomSawyer2112

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    Never heard Trump ever “blame” obama for not passing gun control laws from the perspective that Trump actually wanted more gun control in the first place. Trump is pro 2A. People kill people. Guns don’t have anything to do with an evil heart. If guns promote an evil heart then I’m Satan. Because I am a NRA Lifer and own MANY firearms. I build rifles and I’m a collector and a hunter. I’m not evil. I’m a Christian, pro lifer, pro gun, pro MJ legalization Constitutionalist Libertarian.
    We need gun control about as bad as we need weed control.
    Don’t take this personal.
    If a person is gonna do evil, they will use whatever means is possible to carry it out. Getting rid of law abiding gun owners only means we end up looking like the streets of London or Paris. Fuck that. I want to be able to stop a bad guy from doing bad things if the situation ever presented itself.
    Remember what kind of people enacted gun control? Remember why they did it and the blood trail it left? Take a close look at those incidents where guns were totally confiscated from the citizens and then look at how it ended. Millions of people died at the hands of those who preached for gun control.
    And one more thought. 90% of military and most all law enforcement are trump supporters and they are also pro gun. They won’t stand for disarming the People. Millions of people legally own hundreds of millions of firearms and trillions of rounds of ammunition.
    I’ll tell ya this, who ever tries to disarm the USA and especially here in Texas, they better have their affairs in order...... because they will not be going home when it’s all over and done.
    I think the true question here is as follows: We love our country and our freedoms so much that we are willing to fight and die for them. Do the anti gunners have the passion to fight and die trying to take our freedom and guns away from us? Are the anti gunners personally willing to die for their beliefs?
    I don’t think so.
    Who is gonna be the first one willing to kick in that first door? Once that actually happens the gloves will come off. It will be the bloodiest civil war of all time. And the numbers are in favor of the people. Just speaking of being pro gun control in my circles will get you labeled as a traitor to the People. If civil war broke out, anti gunners will be found guilty of Treason against the USA during time of war. That’s not gonna get you a time out in your safe space.
    Personally, I wouldn’t want that albatross around my neck.
    So who is gonna do it? I’ve ruled out our own military and LEOs. Who’s left? Nobody. So preaching for gun control is a waste of time. Unless you plan on hiring the UN troops to come in and try. LMAO. Since when has the UN ever won a war against 250 million armed citizens?

    No. Rambling on how we need more and more gun control is a pointless waste of oxygen.
    Not only because it’s already protected by the Bill of Rights. The second amendment is clear. It’s a waste of time because there’s no one willing to kick in that first door. That act will instantly make you posthumously famous.
    I support Marijuana rights and I support the Second Amendment and my country. Yes. You can do all three without inner conflict.
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  8. emilya

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    When our founders framed the constitution they considered certain things to be god given rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness were considered to be the primary rights give to man by his creator and within these rights the others followed. Hamilton was firmly opposed to adding the bill of rights to the constitution for this reason, he thought that these god given rights were already covered under the main body of the constitution, but political pressure at the time made it necessary for him to back away from his objection to a carefully written bill of rights.
    The first and considered of primary importance was the freedom of speech, religion and assembly.
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    Please pay special attention to the wording here. The right was already assumed to be that which was given to us as our birthright from our creator, and this first enumerated right is a specific restriction on CONGRESS, in that it shall make no law that abridges or otherwise restricts these rights.
    Same thing with the second amendment. It is assumed by the founders that this right to protect oneself and his family and community is god given, and not to be infringed on in any way by CONGRESS.
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    Read with this new understanding in mind, the founders were making it clear that CONGRESS can not in any way infringe on the right of States to keep a well regulated Militia for the protection of its people, or the god given right of the people to keep and bear Arms in order to protect themselves.
    Gun control laws are constitutionally illegal in any form. Congress was not given the power by our founders to restrict our rights in this area, in any way... in fact, the law makers were very clearly and specifically restricted from infringing on our unalienable right to our own protection. These rights, given to us by god and unable to be taken away by force, is what makes America the unique refuge of freedom in the world. Any talk of restricting these unalienable rights is anti-America talk and must be pointed out to be dangerous to our republic by those who have the ability to understand why these restrictions on government were placed into the constitution.
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  9. onjig

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    America is a great country ~ the American People ~ the most generous on earth ``` My family comes from a country ~ invaded by muslims , held down ~ and finally disarmed and killed ~ in the first Genocide of the 19th Century ~ the murder of a Nation ```

    They have to disarm the American People ~ or any people ~ to inflict the greatest damage ~ to take their freedom or their lives ```
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