Trying out Vapeur extract Clear` for the first time

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    So here it goes. i unpackaged my Clear Starter Kit,
    had my concentrate weighed out at 1.7g
    & ratio is (extract)1:2(clear) so extract x2 is 3.4.
    so i added 3.4g to that little jar.
    as instructed i kept heating it up:
    I heat the mix for about 7seconds. swish&shake it around for 30-45secs until its not so hot to the touch anymore. dont overheat you might boil your meds. and repeat this process until it starts to look like this:
    I let it sit for a couple 3 hours because i wanted to filter the fats & lipids.

    once everything was cooled and most the lipids float to the top I use the 3ML syringe to suck it out the jar
    & once inside syringe I changed the needle to the Clear Filter provided. :
    here I'm filtering this out slow and easy (sensitive filter be gentle) & already I can see the clarity difference.

    I added it to a cheap disposable cartridge,

    It was a nice simple process & it looks and smokes great!
    They got a good variety of flavors that I'm eager to try. I just thought I'de give Clear a shot & it worked perfect.

    excited, I'll definitely be trying out more of these Vapeur Extract products.

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