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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Jah420, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Jah420

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    My main dealer and 2 other decent guys i'd bought from before got busted like a week ago.. after dealing for years and years, they were wised up guys.. and the closest connects I had to named stuff.. afghani.. dutch.. kush.. ect..

    I now only have 1 dealer left, and I can't get anything named.. just high end mids and the deals are nothing special. Sucks really.

    Any advice on getting myself some decent strains?
  2. stinkyattic

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    Honestly I'd focus more on the quality than the name. Whoever has the decent unnamed stuff, keep pestering him for something BETTER.
    The line I run right now that is my friends' favorite is actually a mystery strain. And I made the mistake of smoking a bowl all by myself Saturday night... it was incapacitating. No name, just sweet sweet ganja goodness!
  3. dean0000

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    I would beleive that nearly every strain of cannabis has a name. Its just a lot of dealers (especially in England) dont know what they are. As skinky said dont worry too much about getting named strains, if the qualitys good doesnt matter bout a name. It is a nice little extra though ;)
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  4. Jah420

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    Yeah i know its not all that important.. but for once id like the satisfaction of knowing the name of whats in my lungs.. and also of course for reaching those new heights.. If I had access Id want some sour diesel first.. then some big buddha cheese.. and i'd wanna pursue the hazes..
  5. orangeman

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    Lol no disrespect but it's kinda...crazy if it bothers you that you don't know the name. If it's good bud that's all I need to know because once I'm high the name will be the least of my concerns. When ever you find some really good stuff just keep asking for something like that or better but don't be stuck up on the names thing. Now if you're going after a certain strain because you want to grow it or because you heard about it and want to try it for your self then that's something different but besides that it's really pointless trust me.
  6. BUZz UK

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    I only REALLY know the name when I've grown it, haha...

    Unnamed good british skunk kicks arse, mad styles... who agees?

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