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    Not new to threads, but new to this forum so all apolgies right now and thank yous in adavance.

    I Hope this will help for those seeking advice on passing urinary drug screenings.

    Recently received a random phone call one afternoon. I have been unemployed for a while now. They offered me a job and a job I could really use. I wasn't expecting to hear anything back so soon!

    I am an avid smoker. I have smoked for about 5 years straight with a mixtures of bowls blunts and bongs... My past job didnt ever require a drug test so everything was cool. Well now I needed to. I am about 6'2" and 185 lbs. I hadnt smoked much in the past two weeks. Three bowls only taking two hits of each bowl, and they were small bowls. I didn't think I was going to get a job offer that soon so I did not do much to cleanse my system quickly. I had gotten the call last friday and received the offer and drug screening paperwork on monday.

    I thought of everything I could do to make sure I was clean. I was trying to think logically and safely on what to do next.

    For how much I have smoked, I didn't think in the least bit my system was clean only after not smoking for two weeks and still trying to enjoy a bowl or three.... using my own pee without doing anything was out of the question!

    Idea #2, I immediately tried to find someone with clean pee. My sister was the only person I knew who doesnt smoke. But, I hear all to often that is now very common to test proper sex in urinary tests... so using my sister's pee was out of the question!

    Three, and this only crossed my mind for about ten maybe twelve seconds. Use some detox. I have used every drink and pill to cleanse my system, even with many 48 to 24 hours periods as directed. That was also always done while not smoking anything as soon as I was notified of the drug screening. Sometimes it was 5 days, sometimes it was 24 hours notice. I always followed directions to a T. Maybe I was doing something wrong, maybe THC is now a permanent part of my body, I dunno. But sure enough I failed each test. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! I even had a job offer me a second drug test and used another detox 48 hours later and still failed!!!!

    Finally, I checked the good ol' intro-net. I stumbled across many things and the two that caught my eye were; store bought, donor made powdered urine or a pre-made synthetic. I read everywhere that the powdered urine from TC was the best thing to use and would pass any possible number of panels and requirements for any urinary drug screening.

    Money was no object (yet I have none, lol) but every shop in town was sold out or didnt carry it. No website offered 12 hour delivery, (my test was the following afternoon) so I went with the pre-made synthetic. Very popular and kept more in stock. I was told becuase of high demand.

    I used Go Number 1, gonumber1 for the searchers, synthetic urine kit. I read alot about it and didnt really find any bad things at all. Just a lot of posts where people left you hanging with no test results.

    Well I hope my thread will help and I hope I'm posting this in the right spot.

    I bought the Go Number 1 for about $55. It came with a bladder pre-filled with thremometer and hose. And , it also came with two heaters and an instruction slip with a telephone number.

    I read the directions and they seemed pretty simple. I began to heat it when I got home. It said use one heater and should sit for about an hour and just to put it on a while before you pee, maybe another hour. After letting it sit for a little over 1 hour, the thermometer on the pouch only had gotten to 94 degrees. I had read that many places check between 96 and 100. I had a little thermometer I used to double check the temp. I figured once it got to around 97 I should be good. I put it on and wrapped the "waist band" around my thigh and had placed the bladder on my inner thigh near my sack. Figured it would be the warmest spot and I did not want to put it around my waist .

    After wearing it for about an additional half hour after putting it on, I checked my thermometer as I could not see the one on the bladder because it was against my thigh. It read 97.2. Awesome!!!!

    I will say I was vary scared of using this method. It was my first time and I had not practiced using this at all!!!! I read that some places are able to test against synthetics and thats what was making me paranoid. I called the number on the instructions and the guy was very cool and confident as I asked him all my fearing questions. Who knows, maybe he was lying out his ass, or maybe he was just very confident of their product. Either way, it calmed me down.

    I left for the clinic, bout a 15 min drive. I walked in, no wait. Checked right in and she walked me straight back. Washed my hands and emptied my pockets. No pat down, not belt check. I grabed my cup and headed in the bathroom. I unzipped just like I would any other time and undid the stoppers on the hose that were provided. I was quiet to do so as I have heard the technicians listen at the door for noise. Filled the cup past their fill line and emptied the rest in the toilet and made some of it splash the rim. Had to make sure they knew I had pissed!!!

    I walked out and closely watched the lady check the box for temp! It was good!!! I hear the temp is the hardest thing to maintain when using substitution, so write that down.

    Now it is just up the examiner. They said I could call or just wait and see if I get a call. She didn't know if the examiner would call either way... That was about 8 hours ago EsT time zone.

    I will say I am still pretty nervous waiting, but oh well the labor is over, now I just wait to see if I will be employed in a few days.

    I will try to answer any questions you post and promise to update you of the results.

    It was easy to use and if I pass, I will recommend it to you!
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    Forgot to ask

    I was also wondering if anyone knew or knows how good of a product Go Number 1 is? I found good reviews but no test results on here.

    Some advice to ease the worries would be nice?!?!
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    Theres quite a few posts of people using Go #1 synthetic with great results.

    No it wasnt. Gender is not a factor when testing for drugs. What youve heard about "gender testing" is all scare tactics in an effort to discourage cheating on a drug test. Dont fall for it. The methodologies used in drug testing are unisex - they have no ability to determine who the sample came from. Your sisters pee wouldve been fine as long as she was indeed drug free and not overhydrated prior to giving you the sample.
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    Go #1

    Wish I would've had time to post this before the test and maybe could have saved myself $55!

    Thanks for the Info, much appreciation! My sis never tokes, so may she'll be a valuable soource in the future.

    Ive only found a few threads on here about Go #1. Ive also googled several differ. searches and just came upon the same stuff?

    Any other places to check that someone would recommend mentioning Go #1?

    Im extremely curious to see others results!

    And as of today, my piss has been sent to the lab, no word yet and Im starting to get paranoid!
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    The Results

    Just thought I would let everyone know I passed with flying colors! It proves that even though Quest had it out for Puck Technologies, the new Tuck Technologies was no match. Go Number 1 worked great!
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    Congrads to you on a successful sub and welcome to the Sub Club. :Rasta:
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    pcguru - what kind of thermometer did you use? and where were you placing it to read the temp? I'm trying to find a good one. thanks
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    i just used a digital kitchen thermometer. i checked the temp probably 10 minutes before i gave the pee, and it dropped like a degree based on the temp on the cup. read my post about my first ever d/t and first ever sub.

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