tulsan here welcoming fellow oklahomans to the site

Discussion in 'Oklahoma (OK)' started by Melton420, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Melton420

    Melton420 Registered+

    well um........... welcome
  2. Drugs.not.Hugs

    Drugs.not.Hugs Registered

    whats up man

    east tulsa :glugglug:
  3. WeedTillDeath

    WeedTillDeath Registered+

    Hey everyone, this is my first post to this board. Im in Tulsa, if you are hit me up. when can just talk on the computer or whatever. P.S. I'm fucking stoned out of my gorde.
  4. LearnToSwim

    LearnToSwim Registered

    Muchas Gracias! :D

    NE Tulsa here. What WeedTillDeath said. I'm usually around too

    Good to be here. Visitied several times (used to post on psychotropics way back when in H-town), thought Id shout

    John Blazed :Rasta:
  5. Sig

    Sig Registered+

    What's up Melton. Don't see you post on the Ok board much anymore.
  6. Figglet

    Figglet Registered

    just found the site, and recently moved to tulsa :p
  7. BigWeed

    BigWeed Registered+

    T-Town in the house Im in SE tulsa lived here all my life. Just wanted to say Whats Up.
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  8. duffydawn

    duffydawn Registered+

    Y-town 5 minutes from OKc
  9. o2bn420

    o2bn420 Registered+

    South Tulsa here....in a nest of Republicans...I'm the one with the Obama sticker on my car...belong to a yahoo group that is trying to legalize mm here in OK--try and get involved..
    btw...since New Mexico and Colorado aren't that far, does anyone know how to get a mm card?
  10. dylanp

    dylanp Registered

    easttt tulsaaa,11th in memorial babyyy
    keep blazinn
  11. BRIVXX

    BRIVXX Registered

    soon to be in Tulsa

    hey everyone this is my first post here and i was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions on finding jobs and where the good neighborhoods are in Tulsa. I'm going to be moving there in August and i basically know nothing about the true atmosphere of Tulsa.
    All I really know is all the touristy info on web pages. And what i've read here from you guys.
    Is weed really that hard to come by there?
  12. newbee101

    newbee101 Registered

    not if you know the right people...
  13. newbee101

    newbee101 Registered

    21st and mingo! Holla!!!! :stoned:
  14. ChestRockwell

    ChestRockwell Registered

    OKC here. Looking for ppl to chill and puff with
  15. 2trippy

    2trippy Registered

    Big Mistake

    I myself grew up in the Tulsa /Jenks area and from all the bud that I have tried in the Tulsa production was so lame and weak. All I can say is that was the biggest reasons for moving to the safe haven of the california bay area where the Bud is rated by the Thc content in the plant so you know what you want. Come back to where the bud is green and clean
    Santa Clara ,California (Silicon Valley)
  16. boaz

    boaz Registered+

    old thread but I just now moved to Tulsa so hey shout out to T town. :jointsmile: green country. (yeah right, lol).

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