Turning hash oil into edible oil?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by psychedelick, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. psychedelick

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    kay, I have 3gs of pure hash oil, meant for smoking. How do I make it into oil that can be digested? Should I put the hash oil in a pan with vegetable oil and let it simmer while stirring in order to melt it?
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    TANKJR Registered+

    NOOOO! not veggie oil! Use unsalted REAL butter! See your other post!
  3. brett622

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    Can you use coconut oil or coconut milk, instead? The coconut oil is better helping the body to assimilate the product.
  4. drudown11

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    YES YOU CAN AND ITS AWESOME. Use the coconut oil rather than milk, it gives you a much more potent product. All of the hardcore cannabis cooks in WA state use coconut oil for baking, i feel like its cleaner.
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  5. tlranger

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    Use the whole range of products, but lately got very nauseated during wedding preps. Friend(Bigfoot) from out west jumped into help, actually was his mate that worked. A little butter, or cream, or coconut milk in small pan, warmed enough that oil (good heavy dose) mixed into the fat. Said I needed a little heat to activate the thc. Added mix to my sweet tea, and it did well well. For rid of nausea, and caught a nice buzz. Very little heat.
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  6. lipps

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    Use a cooking thermometer and keep the mix at 210-225 for ten minutes to convert the cbc and thc to their active forms, that's what I read haven't done it so if anyone knows more chime in.

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