Tutorial - Building your own homemade aeroponic cloning machine

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  1. VapedG13

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    A friend of mine bought one of these $150 and his clones start rooting in about 7-10 days....100% start rate...never lost a clone

    Heres a link how to build our own for under $60 Technology Garden Tutorial - Building your own homemade aeroponic cloning machine | Technology Garden

    .............................................You will need...............................................

    (1) Rubbermaid “Latchables” 50 Quart size Storage tote - Mine has a blue top with clear sides.

    (1) Can of spray rubberized undercoating - in the automotive dept
    (1) 3/4″ CPVC pipe - about 32 inches or so will do

    (1) 2″ Section of CPVC pipe (cut from the length of pipe above)
    (2) 3/4″ CPVC endcaps

    (1) 3/4″ CPVC “Tee” fitting

    (1) 3/4″ CPVC to 3/4″ Female thread adapter

    (1) 3/4 MPT Barbed adapter for 3/4″ hose

    (2) Hose clamps, stainless steel for both barbed connections
    (1) Set of RainDrip 360 degree Sprayers (pack of 10)

    (1) Sunleaves 345 GPH pump (at least 300GPH)
    (1) Roll of Closed Cell Foam tape (weathersealing tape) to seal lid
    (1) 8-10″ section of 3/4″ Hose
    (1) Small Aquarium heater, 100 watt is max - set to 73-75F

    (1) 7/8″ speed bore bit for pipe holes
    (1) 1 1/2″ speed bore bit or hole saw for cutting holes in top

    (1) 1/8″ drill bit(1) 10/32″ tap (creates threads in pipe for sprayers)
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  2. socialistpete

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    I just searched for this the other day and came up with nothing relative, thanks.
  3. VapedG13

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    No problem man....I thought it was cool cause normally it took me 3-4 weeks to get roots and here you an get roots in a week and 100% sucess rate .....just make sure you clean the water and container inbetween clone cycles with a bleach water mix incuding the nozzels and water lines:thumbsup:

    They sell these on ebay too...under clone machine...but you can make these for litterly $30-40

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  4. Farmer Rich

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    I guess the question is always around to build or buy. In this case, I picked up a 18 site Clone Bucket at the local hydro store for $80. I figured the time to run around getting parts and cutting 18 2" holes in the top of something was worth the buy..

    As far as keeping the water at the optimal temperature, I just set the bucket on my seedling heat mat and attached the temp sensor to the side with the suction cup.

    Peace, Farmer Rich
  5. oldmac

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    Hey Farmer Rich and VapedG13,

    Nice DIY and nice bucket cloners.

    If you'd like to speed up your propagation more, try using willow water in them. It contains a natural hormone that promotes root growth and makes even stubborn cuttings want to grow roots. (maybe even root fan leaves, shhh)
  6. MaxJackson

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    DIY Clone Machine

    Nice, yea I have seen this how to guide before, it is solid. There is another one at DIYMarijuana.com. There are also plans for a DWC cloner and some other hydroponic systems.
  7. headshake

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    my first attempt at cloning was fan leaves. LMAO! they grew a good root system but never managed to grow vertically. i could never figure out why. lol.

  8. captainendoe

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    lol yea i tried fan leafs too... i didnt want to get my hands into cloning being this is my first grow but i read some about it then a light dropped and crushed some of my girls so in attemps to save em i cloned everything that was broken off...everything

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