Tutorial: Tips for SAFE lightbulb vaping

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by sam44, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. sam44

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    So you've just got your new lightbulb cannabis vaporizer, and youve cleaned out all the white stuff with salt. Think its safe now? Yes? NO, you are dead wrong. My biggest tip for lightbulb vaping saftey is "dont do it", but if you must use a lightbulb vape, then at least follow these instructions to make it as safe as possible.

    1. After you have taken the top off your lightbulb and it is ready for cleaning, liberally pour salt into the bulb. Shake like a mofo for about a minute, then dump the salt and repeat.

    2. Next fill the lightbulb with hot water and (again) shake like a mofo. Dump, rinse, repeat 3 times. This may seem unescessary but I assure you it isnt.

    3. Now you're ready for pre-heating. Take your lightbulb and your fire (bic, candle, stove) and slowly apply heat ALL OVER your vape. See those fumes coming off of it? Hello permanent organ damage! Is that really what you want to be smoking? I didnt think so. Yum, chemicals.

    4. Take your bulb and repeat step 2 once.

    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 (yes in that order, silly)

    6. Examine your lightbulb carefully, and If all looks good, then happy toking!

  2. poiuyt

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    If you keep putting water in it and putting a flame, you're just evaporating the water. That's your "permanent organ damage"
  3. sam44

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    i let it dry before i heat it. sry forgot that
  4. krazy chino

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    so is it harmful if i dont put da water in it or wut?
  5. sam44

    sam44 Registered+

    just doing the salt will leave a lot chemicals still in the bulb
  6. THClord

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    My comments for this thread:

    1. permanent organ damage = water vapor, gg.. lol
    2. just buy a clear lightbulb, they are not that hard to find

    but yeah, just wash it out good even if you use a clear bulb
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  7. CannabisUser01

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    Is this a safe way to ingest marijuana?
  8. Jouryokujin

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    The white powder in the lightbulb is not poisonous/a carcinogen. It's a substance called kaolin. It's only there to diffuse the light.

    Lightbulb vapes are very safe (without having to bust your ass for 6 hours cleaning it).
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  9. gornyhuy

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    Just buy a boiling flask for < $4 from any scientific supplier... much better glass, much safer way to go.
  10. kingjustin

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    Good idea :thumbsup:
  11. The Gnome

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    Isn't the glass in danger of cracking/shooting small glass pieces down your throat?:wtf:
  12. RUTBpiping

    RUTBpiping Registered+

    ^ thats what i thought.

    I thought it was just the old fashioned globes have the white stuff in it. You can get a clear one i believe.
  13. Balkey

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    or you could google, smoke bubble vaporizer...and bam....you got one made already for ya!

    Crazy huh!?!?!?
  14. toketaker

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    o shit.
    posts like this scare me

    cuz ive used a lightbulb vaporizer hundreds of times and the most ive done it clean it out with salt and maybe run a little water to wash it out

    i love them though it saves soo much weed

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