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    We have 10 seedlings, 10 days old. All were germinated using the paper towel method with great success. Planted in Foxfarm Ocean Forest Mix, all 10 seeds were started (and still remain) in 2"x2" starter cups. I have fed no nutes at all (Foxfarm Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, Open Sesame, Cha Ching, and Beastie Bloomz waiting for use) The seedling cups are sitting in a 4" deep rubbermaid container(to keep them off the floor) under my master bathroom countertop unter a 96W Sun System New Wave CFL light(4 bulb setup/24hrs on) about 6" away from plants. I have an Ionic Breeze setup approx 2ft outside the room with a 1ft. recirc. fan on the floor about 10ft away running 24/7. The room temps are 79 F and humidity stays between 40-45%. All plants are from AK-48 seeds through Nirvana. I am currently watering with 1oz of distilled water(per plant)(ph'ed to 6.7 w/ only Cal-Mag added) once every 24 hours.

    Everything was great until day 7, when plants got about 3" tall. The leaves begain to almost twist, and curl upwards at the edges. It seems to only happen once the plants reach the 3" mark. I tried to take pictures but couldn't get a good shot, They look just like these:

    except they are curling upwards rather than down.

    I am worried because we started Blueberry seeds from same source about two months ago in Foxfarm soil (red bag), and the same thing started happening. When the second set of leaves formed they were all mutated (ridged on one side smooth on the other/deformed and spindly/etc.) and the plants died four weeks into veg.

    I refuse to let this happen again, as so far this grow is going great. I don't want to add nutes yet as I know it is still too early. We have 10-4"x4" pots as well as 4-2 gallon pots to tranplant to when needed.

    Is it time to transplant to 4" pots? Are we over/under watering? Time to add nutes? Is his bathroom not sanitary enough(BTW we washed the bathroom top to bottom with bleach before we started)?

    Any help appreciated---DON'T LET OUR BABIES DIE!!!!
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    I finally got some crappy pictures off my cell phone.

    1) A picture of the grow space

    2&3) Close ups of two plants, you can see the curling on the bottom leaves.

    I know they are getting too big for the 2" pots, we plan to transplant on Monday.

    Any thoughts???

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    First off wait with the transplanting there is no rush. When the stalk is an inch taller than the pot at that size is a better time to transplant to keep a nice compact root ball.

    Second my plants do that when they are to close to the light of the temp is too high. It's the leaves way of cooling off.

    Third I'll be right back with a link on why you should switch to 16/8... here it is

    Forth you don't need to water everyday, plants like to dry out a little, wait till just the top of the soil is dry then water.
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    Thanks for the link on lighting, I've switched to 18/6 at least for the time being. I've moved the ligth up another couple of inches, and the curling doesn't seem to be getting any worse. I am still going to transplant today as some of the large plants are getting much taller than the pots they are in. They have been going two weeks as of today. Will it be ok to start adding nutes after transplant? I have a full complement of FoxFarm nutes/additives in waiting. Also is it pretty safe to follow the Foxfarm feeding schedule????

    Thanks for all the info up to this point!!!
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    More pictures

    Here are a few more pictures from with my phone moments after transplanting.

    1)Big picture of the room

    2&3)Pictures where you can still see some curling

    4&5)NEW ISSUE: Yellow spots are forming at the inside of a few lower fan leaves...start of small, but one is beginning to brown in the center as well

    What am I doing wrong???? Overreacting????

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    Blueberry is well known to start off with deformed leaves. Don't fret over it, it's normal and a sign you have the "real deal". They'll grow out of it in a few weeks and will be as normal looking as the rest. I've never heard of it happening with AK47 and have grown both strains many times over the years (in fact have AK x C99 going right now!) but maybe the breeder got a bit careless with the sorting...?

    I use Fox Farm products too, right down to their bags of potting soil and you can start using the Grow Big at any time but do not go crazy with the stuff. I use it with every watering but only at 2/3 +/- of what directions call for (IOW, a half to 2 thirds of a teaspoon/gal of water). You can keep the same routine for transplants but never add extra thinking they'll need it after going into a newer and bigger home, they don't and the last thing you want to do is over-fert the soil which brings on the only time one should have to flush.

    Yellow spots can be caused by many probs but main ones are dropping water onto the leaves while lights are on or it may be a PH prob, usually from the tap water. If so, it's an easy fix. I use a $20 Brita water filter that drops PH from off-the-scale 9+++ down to a perfect 6.5 by only running it through the filter once. You should be able to find a cheap PH tester in any nursery or garden supply department. And lower fan leaves will naturally yellow and drop off as the plant grows so don't let a few bother you. But it is something that needs to be checked out.

    Watch the watering more than anything else. Get used to the feel of a dried pot vs one that has just been watered and only water when needed, not because your clock or calender says it's time. It's good for the soil to dry out enough to wilt the plants once in a while and bad for the roots to constantly have to sit in soggy soil. Curling leaf tips are a sign of overwatering followed by shrinking rootballs and death.

    Save the bloom ferts for when it's time.

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