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  1. ToxicHaze

    ToxicHaze Registered+

    does anyone twitch when they smoke?I ask because i recently smoked out my friend who is new to smoking and after 3 bowls he started twitching alot it looked crazy and then he threw up. I was worried but i remember my first times smoking i would get twicthy too although i never threw up.
  2. StonerWarArena

    StonerWarArena Registered+

    never smoke rocks man
  3. hahaitsdoogle

    hahaitsdoogle Registered+

    paranoria of the first time might have left him into hyperventalating ( braething real fast ) which might have made hm twitch
  4. VA KID

    VA KID Registered+

    I twitch. Ppl on the subway know when I'm stoned. Probably bcuz my dredz twitch right along with my body. Normal xcept 4 the throwing up. I've smoked pleasant herb wit a starnger who got a headache from it n also threw up all ovr the bathroom floor. He wa also drunk. My othr frend was sober n pleasantly stoned. Oh yeah the stranger was also a noob.
  5. MaryJaneintheCloset

    MaryJaneintheCloset Registered+

    I get slight tremors in my hands...
  6. Dplaya4life03

    Dplaya4life03 Registered+

    I have twitched before but i think it was b/c i was smoking really good weed and the first time smoking alone. I just got really bugged out and had no idea what was happening around me and then i started to twitch, but it doesnt happen anymore now that i smoke a lot more often than i use to.
  7. CBsDankNugs

    CBsDankNugs Registered+

    only if i get really baked. when its cold out i get them bad
  8. WeekenD TokeR

    WeekenD TokeR Registered+

    I always get this feeling that I ight be twitching, but everyone that I toke with says that they've never actually seen me twitch, and that I'm usually hella chilled. But I have seen 'tweakers' before, like my friend Bek for instance. She just curls up in the corner and twitches and talks incessantly. Some people and weed just don't mix. Facts of life. But oh well, if you're one of the many that can enjoy it, then go right ahead and enjoy it.

  9. Hempamasta

    Hempamasta Registered+

    I sometimes will just be sitting there playing Halo or WoW or chillin' on my bed, listening to music, and I'll just twitch randomly.
  10. sirsmokesalot

    sirsmokesalot Registered+

    word CB'sDanknugs

    last summer spent some time camping in montana with an ounce and a half an 40 degree nights. i know that doesnt sound that cold, but im a cali man and cant stand it. especially when im high i sometims have shivering tremors so hard that i can barely speak. haha but besdies that creepy shit its all good.
  11. DonTheStain86

    DonTheStain86 Registered

    Dude I get the shakes everytime, It's def. normal to get them. sometimes it just depends, sometimes you will, sometimes you won't but when it happens It never has to be because of something I'll just be driving and twitch like crazy, its sucks but o well..
  12. bayareapothead5

    bayareapothead5 Registered+

    ok..uh...i never heard of this b4...tweakers. :)
  13. hahaitsdoogle

    hahaitsdoogle Registered+

    just recently it hit like 50, as a low during the day, well i was vaporizing 20 a gram chronic with a bunch of jocks, and it was real cold, i had on pants and a white tee shirt. Like the cold was ruining my free high. i was pissed. I rampaged around till i found a leather jacket that weighed like 20 pounds. i was happier.
  14. ilovebecky

    ilovebecky Registered+

    Man I twitch so much its sucks ass! Usually only when I smoke with other people so usually I only smoke with myself cuz it embarresses me... Last time i smoked with some friends and i was twitchin so bad i dropped the blunt and couldnt pick it up...It ended up burning a small whole in his car seat. He was cool about it but i felt like a dick. I wish i didnt cuz i'd rather smoke with people than by myself. Im not a noob or anything either I've been smoking for like three years and this has just recently started to happen the last few months. I have taken like a two month break and now started smoking again and it still happens...even worse than before i think. SUCKS but im just gonna smoke with myself i guess....
  15. Synthesizer Man

    Synthesizer Man Registered+

    When I haven't smoked for a long time, for the first few days when I start again, my right leg twitches like crazy, but only when smoking the joint. It only happens when I'm sitting down.
  16. Puff Piff

    Puff Piff Registered+

    i get the twitch once i've sparked but usually i'm sittin' by my window and the late night breeze sometimes make me twitch. never throw up though. empty house. windows closed. absolutely no twitching..:stoned:
  17. Big Calhoun

    Big Calhoun Registered+

    Only mild shaking when I smoke after a long break. Lasts about 15 minutes and it's over.
  18. Hollandica

    Hollandica Registered+

    Maybe I'm only motorically retarded when I'm really blazed, and I used to twitch a little in the past but I guess that's gone over. I never really thought about it anymore y'see
  19. iamenfuego

    iamenfuego Registered+

    wen u get realllllllyyyy highhhhhh off some dank asssssss headdy nug u usually twitch
  20. thebathroom

    thebathroom Registered+

    I used to twitch alot when I first started. But only when I thought about it. Like I had torettes syndrome or some shit. And when I focused on something else it would go away, but my mind would always go back to focusing on the twitching/

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