Two tops without topping or fimming?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by first-time-grow, Dec 2, 2017.

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    So this is my first grow, my setup is a 5 gallon bucket dwc with lots of CFLs. My plant is about 5 weeks from first set of true leaves and just put it into flowering two days ago. I have been too nervous to top or fim or anything else. So all I have been doing is tucking larger leaves underneath new growth without using string or any tie downs, just tucking. I noticed the new growth is growing at a rapid rate and one of the lower nodes has caught up to the top and a couple more are about to reach the same height as the top. Will this plant flower with several main colas? Or will the actual top still only be the largest cola?
    OH!! And I have noticed a couple 10 fingered leaves and one 13 fingered leaf. I’ve never heard of an even amount of fingers and I thought plants stopped at 11 fingers.
    08CDFB06-B10E-47CC-B178-E4AF29AA5F70.jpeg 322A88B8-ADE5-41B8-B621-E6E9037B60B9.jpeg C67FBF73-CD7F-4BCC-B848-1EA20EA54BC8.jpeg C0C2BD8B-8677-455C-9404-B9BADD6282B0.jpeg
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    Multiple light sources can encourage multiple tops.

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