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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by floyd420, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. floyd420

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    some kid gave me a tylenol 3 today and he said it fucks u up like a vicadin and it kinda sounded like bullshit to me and i was wondering if any1 knws if it does
  2. Gary610DK

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    you need to take at least 3 to get a good feeling from it.... what sucks about t3's though is that sometimes you get constipation and there is a shit load of acetominophen in it ( bad for you ) but i popped em til the end of the bottle and im still alive so whatever go ahead and drop it
  3. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

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    It's codeine. In pill form, codeine plus acetaminophen. In liquid form, all codeine.

    If it's not a prescription form of Tylenol 3, don't bother.

    And yeah, it fucks you up like vicodin. It's an opiate. One of the most basic opiates out there.
  4. floyd420

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    ya i just took 3 and im feeeeeeeling pretty good right now
    does regular non-prescription tylonal do anything also?
  5. BestTonicIsChronic

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    NO its nothing like an Opiate, its asprin, or ibuprofen both dont have ANY recreational value and will both kill you if you take to much. But if you like codeine ull love hydrocodeine (very hard to get without ur own sript or a buddy wit one)
  6. halo

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    He is talking about tylenol 3. Perscritpion only. It is an opiate. It is not the tylenol you buy in the medicine isle. Tylenol 3 contains coedein
  7. hellomandude

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    He was reffering to floyds question about OTC tylenol

    Read, kid
  8. well, my brother gave me five of them one time and i chewed them up (chewing/breaking up pills usually helps it hit yoru system harder/faster, but unless you know hwat you're doing i wouldn't suggest doing this, doing this with alot of medicnies could have negative reprecussions...) didn't do shit to me... so i'd safely say no... 1 isn't going to do shit to you... if this friend says he gets fucked up off of 1, slap him... cuz he's just trying to get attention or something along those lines, no way is 1 T3 going to fuck you up, atleast really good..

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