Types of herms? Bananas vs. pollen sacks?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by lampost, Mar 18, 2010.

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    OK, I've seen lots of pictures of herms and usually it's showing bananas in the buds. Or sometimes you'll see a pollen sack at the nodes. I'm wondering if you can also get a pollen sack growing hidden in the buds? This is Rez Sour Diesel... so it's fairly stable... it's not a like a complete bagseed hermaphrodite. So any intersex parts would be caused by stress...

    Anyway I ask this because I have a very small green ball forming amongst all my top calyxes in my top bud. I think that it could be a seed... but I'm worried that it might also be a pollen sack or something. Should I just pluck the thing? Don't want to cause any additional stress on plants. I've seen bananas and this doesn't look anything like them. Also it's more of a green than a yellow I noticed with bananas and other male parts.

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    Yes, nanners can and do form anywhere on the plant. I even had a nanner mid-internode before on my Shishkaberry.

    If it's a seed or a calyx, there will be a couple of hairs poking out of it's pointy end.
    A seeded calyx might or might not have a 'racing stripe', but the pistils (hairs) will be dying and the calyx will be swelling.
    If it is a seed, where did the pollen come from? (do you know what caused the stress?)
    If it is a nanner, get it while it's young with tweezers. Letting it mature till opening will result in a massive loss in yield, and shitloads of seeds.
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    Thanks RT. It's definitely not a nanner!

    I'm pretty sure that it's a seed or calyx. Are some calyxes mutants that are not covered in trichomes? All of my other calyxes are sparkling with trichomes, but this one is just a plain green color... like regular plant material. I think it does have pistils coming out the end... looks like there's a tiny hole and some hairs coming out... may've been browning too... gotta go take another look.

    However, it was hard to see and I'm not sure the pistils were coming out of it. So, I thought maybe it could be a pollen sack! I'm definitely going to keep an eye on it.
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    Well it was a seed.. and it was a LONE seed (let's hope it stays that way).

    I plucked it before I knew what it was. Do you think that could cause enough stress to cause this plant to go intersex if it's otherwise happy?
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    Maybe some ... one stray pollen followed you into the room one fine day and got laid.

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