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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by FieldofHerb22, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. FieldofHerb22

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    Hello all....just signed up to the forum. Great forum guys. Anyway I am from H-Town, TX. I have a question. Ever since I started smoking at 15 (now 19) I haven't tried a lot of different strains of weed. I mean usually when I buy weed (esecially back in the days of getting a 3 for 10) I just buy not knowing what kind. There are so many anyway. I have smoked Red Hair Skunk, Blueberry dro, AK47, but thats the only times I've known what I am smoking. Blueberry was off the chain. Mannnnn.

    Now what I want to ask is what are some good types I should smoke. My friend that sells can pretty much any drug there is. What are some good types I should have him get me.
  2. a. beezy

    a. beezy Registered+

    Cali O.

    Ha, I miss getting 3-fors so bad, but sacks are much nicer.
  3. theNecromancer2113

    theNecromancer2113 Registered+

    purple kush, white widow... mmm love me some white widow.
  4. Leonard12

    Leonard12 Registered+

    i dont know what kind i buy either, the otehr night was the first time someone told me the name and it was called norther lights. ive heard the name before. anywyas i took one deep bong rip and coughed for 5 minuites, after i was totaly blazed. i still have agram of the stuff left but im saving it for the weekend
  5. theNecromancer2113

    theNecromancer2113 Registered+

    very nice man, very nice.
  6. lizka4200

    lizka4200 Registered+

    white russian and afghani poison
  7. afghanigooey18

    afghanigooey18 Registered

    afghani gooey and white rhino
  8. theNecromancer2113

    theNecromancer2113 Registered+

    white rhino is pretty damn good... im likin' the widow a bit more tho...
  9. Angel Of Impurity

    Angel Of Impurity Registered

    White Widow is laced with Coke.
  10. Lawnmower love

    Lawnmower love Registered

    Is that somekind of joke?
  11. jfoster

    jfoster Registered+

    rofl... those crystals aren't coke. they are resin glands. and white rhino is some good stuff.
  12. Hempamasta

    Hempamasta Registered+

    Definately.. not true. White Widow is great bud.. White Rhino is nice too. Rhino is a bit more indica (couch lock, sleepy body high) than Widow. Northern Lights is damn good shit. AK-47 is really, really good stuff. Afghani Poison is good too.. Blueberry is probably one of my favorites. I remember driving from Nashville to Memphis and smoked a Blueberry blunt by myself while driving.. great experience... hmm.. what else.. Orange Kush is good.. if you break it up for a bowl, you can literally see the crystals falling off the bud..

    Trainwreck is IN.CRED.I.BLE. You like, can't even smoke it in a joint because it will drip all over you, it has that much THC.

    That's about it, I guess.
  13. Warlock

    Warlock Registered+

    Bubblegum is a very good breed.
    I've always wanted to try skunk#1, the 1st genetically modified cannabis made by a bunch of students at a genetics lab.
  14. Oli

    Oli Registered+

    In England some people call weed laced with coke white widow.
  15. Mirno Sctlnd

    Mirno Sctlnd Registered+

    Sorry but thats not an english thing thats just some of your ignorant mates or whatever. But yeah really good widow just emptyies my head, and the high last ages. Also try to get some train wreck.
  16. DaBuh

    DaBuh Registered+

    i wish i knew a dealer that knew what strains he was sellin, eh gess i'll just have to grow my own
  17. Angel Of Impurity

    Angel Of Impurity Registered

    Well, apologies if I'm incorrect. Where I am in England everyone calls weed laced with Coke "White Widow". Apparently so do they where Oli is.
  18. FieldofHerb22

    FieldofHerb22 Registered+

    How much does an ounce of White Widow cost? I asked my connection and then he asked his and he told me $400! I was like good lord. I am from Houston, TX btw. I am sure prices ranges are different everywhere. Hopefully some1 from Houston can tell me if this is right. My friend that asked his connection doesn't know too much about weed since he is a yayo man but maybe he got the prices confused.

    Also how much is it usually for an ounce of other types like yall mentioned. Maybe for the stuff like that I should buy in grams rather than ounces.....
  19. TwangTownSlim

    TwangTownSlim Registered

    Anyone ever in Nashville I need a better hook-up I'm getting treated shwag for waty too much, want some clean BLueberry or other sativa. hit me back at TwangTownSlim@yahoo.com
  20. Fengzi

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    $50 an 1/8th is pretty standard for high end strains like white widow, northern lights, etc. but usually comes down to $300-$350 for an oz.

    There are hundreds of strains out there that are really good and new ones pop up all the time. I'd be a bit wary of looking for any particluar strain though. Being able to get any drug and having access to any one particluar strain of weed out of hundreds are two different things. Chances are if you specifically ask for something like White Widow the guy you get it from will most likely get a bag of some decent bud that he has no idea what it is and call it white widow to make you happy. My personal feeling is that, unless you're getting it from a medical mj source, the grower, or someone real close to the grower, the chances you're really getting the strain that the dealer claims it is are pretty slim.

    Anyhow, more important that what the bud is named is how stoned it gets you. If it doesn't have any seeds, is nice and green with lots of cystals all over it, you can smell it across the room, and one bong hit gets you stoned-who gives a shit what strain it is.

    In any case here is a great link with descriptions of a couple of hundred strains


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