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Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by Elote20, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Elote20

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    (I wasnt sure were to post this but...)

    I think i just recieved a grant but im not sure. Does anyone know the process of recieving a grant? They told me they were going to transfer the money into my bank account. (Wow just writing that scares me!) It was a 5,000 grant from the us gov. To spend on anything. :s4:
  2. 40oz

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    Did you apply for a grant?

    If not run away! Run away and hide.
  3. killerweed420

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    Was it done through a third party? If it was close your bank account immediately.
  4. Elote20

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    Some guy called claiming to be from the us government. And no i never applied for a grant. He said like 2,000 people in the us are eligible for it.
  5. Elote20

    Elote20 Registered+

    Is there some way i can find out without closing my account?
  6. Elote20

    Elote20 Registered+

    The person on the phone said i'd have 5,000 in my account by tommorow. And that the bank is going to charge me $29.95 as a processing fee.

    What im going to do is just take all my money and put it into my parents account and wait to see what happens and if necessary, make a brand new account.

    Hope i dodged the bullet with this one...
  7. 40oz

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    Grants arn't like jury duty, the government doesn't just hand them out to anybody. There is something fishy about this.

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