UK Outdoor Frisian Dew 4 1/2 months old

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by tingting1, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. tingting1

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    Hello Everyone

    Right, so I know I'm a little late for this but I thought I would share with you my first growing experience.

    She is now 4 and a half months old and a little over five foot. Planted from a seed in Late March and grown outdoors. She hasn't started to flower yet but I hope that will change in the coming weeks. The info I have is that the flowering period for Frisian Dew is 7 to 8 weeks with harvest in the 1st week of October so i'm guessing I should start to notice a change pretty soon. Any ideas how big she is going to get in the next two months and what sort of yield I should expect. Anyone grown Frisian Dew outdoors before?

    Here's a few pics. Any feedback would be great


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  2. mazman1989

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    man that is a healthy plant but it looks like a male.
  3. aidangrules

    aidangrules Registered

    why male? i dont see any pre-flowers
  4. DOUGAL25

    DOUGAL25 Registered+

    I don't see any male preflowers either....

    I don't know how big that can grow, but I'm tuned in to see.


    just realized there are different smilies
  5. mazman1989

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    sorry I might be wrong

    Well I had a plant just like that outside last year and in October it turned into a male with pollen sacks. Mine never had stress and grow fast and tall like yours but I might be wrong, hope I am. with my luck they all turn into male and hermies. good luck man.:smokin:
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  6. tingting1

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    Hey Guys

    Just thought I'd show you the latest shots of the plant. I forgot about this thread as I have two others so thanks for your replies. I'm rubbish at blogs :) She is now about 2 weeks into flowering. I'm very happy to say she is a female for all the doubters. What do you think?????

    Cheers :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    PS. She is now over 7ft and still has a month and a bit to go I recon. Pretty pleased for my first grow!

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  7. BeFree

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    Wow. That's a great lookin' gal.

    My first thought was, 'WOAH!, That's a biiggg %$@^&.'

    Hope she turns vibrant purple for you.:jointsmile:

    Good job.:jointsmile:

  8. tingting1

    tingting1 Registered+

    Cheers BeFree

    I'm hoping for the vibrant purple buds too, apparently half of them turn purple so fingers crossed. She's just keeps growing dude, I think the 40ltr tub she's in and the fact I planted her in March has something to do with it haha. But overall I'm pleased for the first time I've tried growing
  9. homerun

    homerun Registered

    sweet GDP's I am guessing

    they look great. mine our in same stage. u must live in calli
  10. tingting1

    tingting1 Registered+

    Hey Dude

    She actually the only plant I have going and surpisingly I'm based in rainy London England haha, who would ever have guess she would end up looking this good?
  11. tingting1

    tingting1 Registered+

    Hey Guys

    Here are some pics about a month into flowering. Buds are coming on great but some of the leaves (mainly the bigger fan leaves at the top that I haven't trimmed yet) are turning yellow and drooping a bit. At the moment she's getting about 4ltrs of H20 every evening and that's all. Any suggestions or comments greatly appreciated

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  12. fourkicks

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    you might want to clip some branches to get more light into the plant. how many weeks is it flowering ? LOOKS GREAT THOUGH
  13. tingting1

    tingting1 Registered+

    Really windy here today. Just got back from work and one of the branches had snapped off! It was a smaller one from the back which wasn't getting that much light. I have secured the plant much better now so fingers crossed that is the only one that gets damaged.

    How much of a big deal is this by the way. Any chance it will stress the plant out so much that It dies or should it be ok. Pics to follow.

    PS. How should I go about drying the branch out so I can try it, this is my first grow

  14. tingting1

    tingting1 Registered+

    Hello Guys

    So the branch snapping didn't seem to effect the plant at all. In fact since I have pruned some of the dying leaves she has been putting a lot more energy into the buds which are coming on very very nicely. Just measured her for the first time in ages and she is now 7ft and 5 inches!

    Here are the latest photos, buds coming along very nicely!


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  15. tingting1

    tingting1 Registered+

    Some more pics for you to enjoy. 1 month till harvest now I recon, what you think?

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  16. tingting1

    tingting1 Registered+

    Greeting everyone

    Been a while since my last post so here goes.

    She is now 8ft and exactly 6 months old. No more dramas have happened since my last few posts and I'm proud (and sad) to say that next week I think It's harvest time!!!!!!! :D !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here are the latest photo's, does everyone think that it is in fact time to harvest of a few more weeks? Leaves at the top are starting to turn either purple or yellow....

    Pics attached

    Many thanks and feedback much appreciated

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  17. irishsmoke

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    hey i live in ireland and we have more or less same weather as you in you think id be able to pull of the same sucess as you??what yield did you get??
  18. tingting1

    tingting1 Registered+

    Been ages and forgot about this blog, but I proud to say that she blessed us with 8 and a half ounces of epicness!!!! bring on next spring!!!!!!!
  19. jakester

    jakester Registered+

    Thanks for bumping this, beautiful grow!

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