Ultimate Pot Smoking Challenge

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Veratyr Star, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Veratyr Star

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    It's a tournament that my friends and I created. It's some what like the show, Ultimate Ninja Warrior, but with weed.

    We decided to make a challenge to see who can smoke the most weed without stopping. Stupid? Yes. But very fun.

    We created a team of six. Five guys and one girl. The strongest smokers that we knew of. We then challenged the guys who live below us.

    6 to a team.
    3 rounds.
    1 ounce of weed.

    With it being 12 in all, splitting the cost of an ounce made it extremely cheap to get REALLY fucked up.

    If you pass your turn, you are out.
    If you take a break, you are out.
    If you have to stop to smoke a cig, you are out.
    Last person smoking wins and their team wins.

    Round 1:
    Split each team of 6 into two teams of 3. Then combine those 3 with the 3 from the opposing team making it a team of 6.

    Each team of six is givin a quarter each and must smoke the whole quarter using only 4 pieces/pipes.

    One team of six goes into the upstairs bathroom and the other team of six goes in the downstairs bathroom. Hot box to the max.

    It was a fairly small bathroom and we were cramped. 6 of us smoked a quarter in under 20 minutes. We power smoked the shit out of it. There was soooo much smoke and it got so hot that I started to sweat.

    Everyone completed Round 1 and was stoned.

    Round 2:
    The two teams of 6 met in the downstairs apartment living room for a quarter in the hookah.

    This was probably the most chill part of the competition. 12 of us smoking a quarter out of a hookah. Omfg. When the mound of weed was being toked on, it looked like lava sitting on top of the hookah. Sooo much weed. We all got to hit it atleast 5 times and at first, I wasn't really feeling it until we went upstairs for Round 3.

    Right before the next round started, I noticed how insanely high I was and how baked everyone else was and we were about to start the final round of this tournament.

    Round 3:
    The final round. This is when the big bongs and secret weapons get used. The half ounce of weed that was left is used during this final stage.

    Each team gets to bring a secret weapon that can only be used once and only during Round 3. It gets passed around the opposing team once, so that everyone on the opposing team has to finish a bowl out of whatever the weapon may be.

    We started off by giving the opposing team our giant bong that we call The Dark Tower. Each person had to finish their own bowl out of it, but no one dropped.

    Then their team gave us their method of smoking which was..... a gas mask.
    Just looking at this thing made me scared. The part that you breathe in with had a hose connected to a bong. Everytime you inhaled it lit the bowl and nothing but smoke filled your lungs. You breathe out and your next breath is nothing but more smoke. Your body wants fresh air, but in this competition, our team wasn't going to drop out. Your face starts sweating, your eyes burn from smoke getting in them and all you want is fresh air so you breathe in, and you get more thc.

    Our team captain was the first to use it and he took it like a champ. A few coughs, but he cleared his bowl. I was next and cleared it and the rest of our team cleared it.

    I assume that the other team began to worry because we all finished their gas mask, so they busted out their secret weapon and challenged our captain.

    Their secret weapon was a 4 foot bong that had been broken in half. There wasn't a bottom to it. When you inhaled, you had to use your hand to close the end of it to fill it up with smoke. When you took your hand off and inhaled... holy fuck. All I have to say is, I finished my bowl... but I would never want to hit that thing again. Our team finished it.

    After defeating their weapon, we challenged them to our secret weapon which was a huge gravity bong that was built using our bathtub.

    Five of their team members completed it. One backed out and dropped.

    In the end, we ran out of weed. If we had bought 2 ounces, which we will do next time, we would of kept smoking until there was only one person left.

    But since we ran out, we called it a tie and a very fun night.

    Everyone was blazed out of their minds. Competitive smoking is way different then relaxing and enjoying a good smoke. It was definitely a ridiculous night and I still can't believe how we got so many smokers organized and ready to battle.

    Our team is called The Black Lungs and we will accept challenges from any of your motherfuckers who think you can become the Ultimate Pot Smoker.

    We already have other friends forming teams to challenge us. Hahaha.
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  2. Matt the Funk

    Matt the Funk Registered+

    I would be down to challenge you!
  3. Smoke'n'Toke

    Smoke'n'Toke Registered+

    Sounds like a sick night.
  4. Bob the Awesome

    Bob the Awesome Registered+

    Wow, that actually sounds pretty awesome... I would freak if the opposing team brought out a gas mask like that O_O

    Anyways, that's a cool idea, I'm actually gonna see if my friends wanna do something like this this weekend, I've picked up some extra cash and told them we're partying, so this would be a fun way to achieve that.
  5. bong_man

    bong_man Registered+

    i'll take that challenge any day! hehe me and my mates have a thing called bongage, we have a special bong with a special massive bowl for it! you pack the bowl up as much as possible and HAVE to clear it i mean you cant leave the tiniest bit of smoke or you loose, then the next bloke does it etc etc until someone pukes or passes out or just cant take another hit and the winner gets to keep hitting the bong :) im undefeated :D
  6. Dazed4now

    Dazed4now Registered+

    around here we got bong teams
    Team Condensed
    Team Smoke Out and Team Kill Garrett (dont ask)
    but yeah every once in a while we all get together and battle to see who can hit the hardest
    Team Condensed is winning atm cause they rip the hardest
    its pretty fun...and you get blitzzzed
  7. stothelutz

    stothelutz Registered+

    Man this sounds fucking bad ass Ima do it ASAP but instead of teams of 6 we are gunna do a 4 person free for all and .
    Rules: 1. 3 coughing fit limit through whole experience 2. 1 bottle of water limit 3. Bics only 4. Memebers must be upright and concious 5. No throwing up

    Their is 1 five minute break inbetween 3rd and 4th round.

    The weed will be pre-split up and ground.

    First round, clearing 5 bong bowls (In rotation) in one hit with no smoke left over (person to the right packs the bowl to assure no cheating)

    Second round, 1/4 hotboxed in a car (or smaller space) no matter how hot and how smokey. Each member gets to choose the other members smoking device for this .

    Then as soon as you get out of the car a 1 gram GB bowl will be awaiting on top of a galoon jugs. Bowl must be cleared in one hit (remember the coughing rule =)

    Final round, 3 minimum of 1 gram joints per person first person to finish their joints wins the remainder of the weed.

    Bonus: The person with the most water and least coughing fits gets to hit a bowl of the kief left over from the entire ounce.

    That much to the head should make for a good night.
  8. haha ill take tht challenge anyday man!!!!!!
    im soooo totally doing tht this week cuz its spring break and my friends parents are out of town =]
    its gonna be sick!!
  9. Jack the Tripper

    Jack the Tripper Registered+

    Lol that sounds awesome. I know I'm not nearly a heavy enough smoker to lay down a challenge, but I've got an idea for a side game you might consider adding. It's something me and my friends do every now and again when we're feeling slightly masochistic.

    There are two versions;

    1) Two people take simultaneous hits (my fav is for both to use bongs, but any piece will do fine) then drop and do ten pushups before releasing the air from their lungs. Repeat until one person drops out.

    2) Two people take simultaneous hits, then drop and see you can do the most pushups.

    Props for this whole thing dude... sounds awesome...
  10. originalblu

    originalblu Registered+

    thats has to be the best game idea ever,, im doin it this weekend, i dont think i could get all those smokers though.... it gonna be 3 on 3,, i cant wait,,:stoned: :stoned: :stoned:
  11. mattks1

    mattks1 Registered+

    me and my gf think we can take on all of you, by ourselves. we will own like bonnie and clyde:rambohead: :s3:
  12. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Registered+

    haha sounds like a quality night...im sure i could find a couple of my mates to make a team and take all you fuckers on :stoned: :thumbsup:
  13. Wintersweet

    Wintersweet Registered+

    Sounds sweet.
    I know I couldn't possibly do it, my lungs would rebel. But it sounds kick ass.
  14. Dr.Hashman

    Dr.Hashman Registered+

    this summer

    Are you going to have a match in June? I'll stop by on my road trip and throw in $50 or so :Rasta:

    Sounds like that is alot of fun. I once played a game like that, but a bit different.

    Here is how it goes:

    When your friends older bro is a distributor and always has pounds of shit laying around, you wait until its your birthday. Then you bring up "that one time" where he owes you a favour, and just say that he could repay it in some nice weed.

    So once you have an oz from your friends older bro, you invite your best stoner buddies you could ever ask for to come over and bring their weapons of war. Once you have your arsenal (every piece you own and all your friends') you setup a little game like:

    Bong Relay!
    Have 4 bongs and split into 2 teams.
    Pack the bongs as full as you can get them (We used 2 large bowls, and 1 huge bowl)

    Then you have someone take a hit of a pipe or something, and when they blow it out you go! #1 hits that bitch as hard as they can, then pass it to the person next to you (#2) to clear it. #3 rips it hard, then #4 clears it. #2 then rips it and #1 hits it, and #4 rips it then #3 clears it. Basically it is game where you try to clear as many bong bowls as you can as fast as you can, but be efficient with that smoke! That is why there is 1 bong per 4 people. You could do 1 bong to 3 people too.
  15. Andrew Nguyen

    Andrew Nguyen Registered+

    I wanna play.
  16. Scottydoo

    Scottydoo Registered+

    Doin this on 420 :)
  17. Jizzle Blizzle420

    Jizzle Blizzle420 Registered+

    ok you said your bong was named the dark tower, is that by any chance out of a stephen king book?
  18. potsmokingnome

    potsmokingnome Registered+

    Wow, that is so organized(four a group of stoners lol)! I love it! I'd be up for that anyday! it sounds so amazingly sweet!! :D
  19. big smoke07

    big smoke07 Registered+

    I like it......

    will have to do it with the ol boys one of these days.
  20. scream

    scream Registered+

    I will take you guys on by myself...I'm not scared.

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