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    Okay. So I spent a lot of time looking for research and reviews on ultra kleen ultra pure synthetic urine before and after I used it for my test. The most recent articles I could find were from 2013 or so. So I figured I'd set up an account to let you guys know my experience. I won't be back to check for replies really.

    So a week ago I had my job interview, and they called me back the same day to offer me the job. I had 24 hours to complete the test. The next morning I microwaved the urine for 15 seconds, the box said 10, and 15 was too long. So I waited maybe 15 minutes until it registered at 102 degrees. The testing place was right around the corner from my house, so I placed the bottle in the small pocket in the crotch of my underwear and headed there. I signed in and they saw me right away. Had me turn my pockets inside out, lift my pant legs and the back of my jacket then let me get started. I pulled the bottle out and it read 98 degrees. Perfect. It poured perfectly to the line they marked. I waited a couple more seconds and came out of the bathroom.

    The guy marked the box as within temp range. And I signed some stuff and left. He assured me they'd call me with the results, and my employer said they would send me a letter with info on when to start orientation. So naturally I panicked and read every article and forum I could find. I have even stopped smoking weed because of the anxiety it has given me.

    I kept telling myself that no news is good news, and I knew they would call me if I failed. Especially since they knew I was leaving my other job for them. Still, no call.

    Finally, today I checked my email, and I passed!! I'm seriously so thankful and relieved. Ultra kleen does work. I took a 10 panel test. It was at a small lab, and I'm not sure if they sent the results elsewhere. I start my new job next week and would definitely use this stuff again. I guess sometimes they don't call you if you come up negative :)

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