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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by mikeo14, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. mikeo14

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    Whats the best way to grow cannabis guerilla style? well you can always just find a great spot in the woods or on a field, but what if you dont have any real place to grow on land?
    I had just got through eating some chips and was walking out in the woods when i noticed bermuda grass growing in a small knot-hole on a tree outside in my woods. This is where I had my Epiphany.
    The problem with the ground is people walk around because they have nothing better to do, Rv parks, new houses and other buisnesses may move in during your 2nd week of flowering, you'll have to abandon ship and kill your precious plants. The only problem I saw with buckets was that no matter how you camoflage it the rounded un-natural shape is still visible, but what about the tree?
    Yes, the tree itself. What I mean is how would it be to chisel a hole in a tree branch to act as the bucket, insert nails underneath the hole, and pull them out forming small drainage holes, now the holes would have to be a few inches thick because if the bottom of the hole is to thick the hole may rot, dropping all of your soil and precious plant.
    In conclusion, this would be a very stealthy way to grow marijuana with there being no bucket visible and the foliage of the marijuana plant looking very similar to the trees leaves. I think it is worth a try and will be experimenting with it this year. Is it worth it?

    haha I dont even know what the fuck Epiphany means

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  2. fuzzylogic

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    what if a nug blows off the tree and hits someone in the head :/
  3. mikeo14

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    :-| ,.... not funny. BTW I just planted my seedling high up in a tree i climb up there and saw a rotting knot where a branch used to be, the hole is about the size of a golf ball and the wood is really soft around that so hopefully little mary will grow and make buds for me ill post pictures some other time cause im real tired from climbing that damn tree. the plant will probably die with my luck
  4. alex32

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    hahahah that picture is possibly one of the funniest pictures ever:stoned:
  5. mikeo14

    mikeo14 Banned

    :-| not funny. BTw I hate that new chips ahoy commercial its on right now I cant stand that clay animation crap
  6. karmaxul

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    What about a bucket in a tree that looks like a nest from the ground.

    Please post pictures that is very creative. Water may be an issue but I would love to see a new style of growing. How much soil is she going to have

    Ferns are good camoflage for the pots on the ground. Some varieties grow three plus feet high to cover a 22 gallon container.

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  7. mikeo14

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    Im glad you care gorilla man my baby really doesnt have much place for the roots im hoping shell dig into the tree a bit and maybe even use it as a water source :D . Boy that would be great but as of right now it has like inches of rooting room I dont know, I hope for the best I post pictures tommorow maybe. thx for caring and how exactly would you go about making a 5 gallon bucket look like a nest BTW how much room does a plant need to grow and mature to make buds? is 1 gallon adequate? I know it would be alittle trouble but how bout putting wire around the bucket and sliding sticks in the wire to disquise it? I dont know much more ideas would be appreciated!
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  8. karmaxul

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    If you can graft it to the tree you may be on to somthing but inter genetic grafting can be difficult. Peyote grows will tell you that grafting peyote on other faster growing cacti makes them flower in a year as opposed to 4.5. Plants can flower at any size just depends how much nugs you want per plant. You could use a one gallon sure it may dry quickly though and difficult to water every couple of days.

    Disguising it with sticks and hay or grasses should work the issue would be securing it so when it storms so it stays in the tree.

    If it grafted to the tree and used it as a water source that would be amazing.

    You may have to drill into a fresh branch, a decent size hole, and fill it with the proper medium. The open wound may be prone to infection so a medium consisting of coco fiber in part which contains calcium will help. Imagine drilling holes into tree truncks and putting in little plants that grew super fast and finished early. Most trees produce bio-chemicals earlier then cannabis which is why they lose there leaves when your outdoor is still green. I wonder if there are bio-chemicals you could feed plants to shorten harvest time for outdoor. Very intreging.

    I dig the new ideas to the forum, I think you may be on to something here.

    Just think a tree truck of cannabis. A problem to harvest put a site to behold.

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  9. rhino44

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    i would just paint a 5 gallon bucket with brown and green paint to camoflauge it. use all flat paint so it's not all shiny. then nail some nails in the branch around the bucket to keep it from falling. most people look at the ground as they r walking through the woods and its entirely possible it will never be discovered. the trouble with bucket grows is the constant watering. u need to water twice a week minimum. drill some 1/2 inch holes or something similar in the bottom of the bucket to allow for drainage. goodluck and if u keep at it oneday u will have perfected the art of tree growing. i personally think its a waste of time but maybe its just cuz im afraid of heights :)
  10. trippruss

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    no it is not. wind will dry it out you'll have to water every other day
  11. britewire

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    Still laughing at artwork...

    And yes.. it IS funny
  12. mikeo14

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    UPDATE: i went though all the trouble of climbing the tree to see how my new idea was working and the seedling is GONE! I suspect a rat. really, because I saw a nest near the place I planted my seedling either that or a squirrel, I did see alot of small turds around where my seedling was, oh well no use in crying over spilled milk, good thing I got more seeds next time I think I may try growing on the ground like normal people or maybe put some wire around my plant up in the tree...:eek:
  13. paparose

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    I thought about this, I believe is doable, I also thought about placing a small water tank covered with branches and leaves, and with a tiny hose that dripping continously small amount of water
  14. mikeo14

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    climbing a tree, installing a water tank, getting power to a cordless drill to make holes, bringing your plant up... this is all a lot of trouble for weed it would probably be easier to just grow right by a different plant on the ground or something now that im thinking about it :(
  15. cashripper14

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    fucking someone feed some marijauna plants some steriods and plant them and maybe in a couple of years they will be as big as a real tree...at least i had a vision of that
  16. karmaxul

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    cashripper14 you mean yucca root?

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  17. Drugman Joe

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    There is a picture in Cannabis Culture from a month or 2 ago where this guy has 4+ plants that are the size and appearance of pine trees.
  18. Drugman Joe

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    sorry for the double post... but:

    I doubt this will work well, the plant will be open to get any problems the tree has, as it is in direct contact with it, not to mention extreme lack of root space (Your roots need plenty of room to grow so the plant can get large.)
    You need a large hole in the tree (at least 5 inches I'd say) and as big around as possible. Then I would cover the exposed tree with plastic of some sort and fill the hole with dirt.
  19. Scar

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    Personally, I don't think people should be damaging trees that took decades, or possibly centuries too mature........Just for kicks.
  20. karmaxul

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    Dont think he is planning on clearing a forest. More growth = more nugs, more nugs = more smoke, more smoke = more smokers, more smokers = more growers, more growers = more growth, more growth = more growth

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