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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by bobthenuker, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. bobthenuker

    bobthenuker Registered+

    Someone once told me that putting something under your tongue will take it straight to the blood stream. Has anyone ever tried putting a bud under the tongue? Will it work?
  2. robo scat

    robo scat Registered+

    Lol. I always thought about that. Someone should try it.
  3. TPot

    TPot Registered+

    Won't work. THCA needs to be converted to THC through heating. I mean, the better question is...
  4. SantaClawz

    SantaClawz Registered+

    Then the real question is....has anyone ever extracted thc to a massage oil THEN put it under thier tonge?
  5. dean0000

    dean0000 Registered+

    Putting something under the tongue wont make a chemical get into your blood faster. All you would get if you did it with bud is soggy wet weed. Not a good idea im afraid.
  6. bobthenuker

    bobthenuker Registered+

    Yea man, I so wanna be sitting in class and just like putting some shit under my tongue and getting high. That would be incredibly useful in a shit load of instances.
  7. Blitzed

    Blitzed Banned

    You could look into those THC gum balls those kids made like a year ago. But putting raw pot in your mouth will most likely make you gag, like it always does to me. I cant stand having bud in my mouth.
  8. rebgirl420

    rebgirl420 Registered+

    Thats one of the worst ideas ive ever heard haha but it made me giggle
  9. You could just make Cookies or brownies and eat some...
  10. peaceeasy

    peaceeasy Registered+

    no, this for sure might work. I have never actually put buds in my mouth, but in the past i have taken some stems, chewed them up a little and put them up under my bottom lip like it's skoal or something. It doesnt really make you HIGH so to speak, but i def. noticed a difference. It's good for those situations where you want to have a little kick but smoking is impossible.
  11. igotdakush

    igotdakush Registered+

    how many stems did you use? i have a baggy full of em' and I wanna try this out..:stoned:
  12. peaceeasy

    peaceeasy Registered+

    just try using an amount that once you chewed it a little it would be a pinch between your finger and thumb. Like the size of two pieces of gum? hahaha i dont know, its hard to say. But give it a try and keep it in there for a while and hopefully youll notice somehting fun
  13. stars stars stars

    stars stars stars Registered+

    You're kidding right?

    You won't get high off chewing steams. People chew them for the taste, not the "high". THC needs to be activated with HEAT, steams are no different. ALSO, there is such a low, low, low amount of THC in steams that it's pretty much pointless to smoke them, let alone chew/suck on them. Stop wasting your steams

    Marijuana Video: Save Your Stems!
  14. peaceeasy

    peaceeasy Registered+

    i am DEAD serious haha. and i never said they would get you high Mr. Stars, i just said you notice a little difference. Give it a shot.
  15. mfqr

    mfqr Registered+

    Placebo, perhaps? :)
  16. stars stars stars

    stars stars stars Registered+

  17. peaceeasy

    peaceeasy Registered+

    ahh im sorry, my mistake
  18. Stoney Toney

    Stoney Toney Registered+

    I doubt it would work using bud itself but i know that if you let a pill desolve under your tongue like x or xanax it will hit you alot quciker just rinse your mouth out with water once done. a little off subject but I knew someone would put a piece of weed in his gum and chew it he said it made him higher you be the judge I never tried but I have cook with weed which is different high like a :vap_smiley:
  19. dragonrider

    dragonrider Registered+

  20. linna.ayel

    linna.ayel Registered

    YES! It works. I usually use my glass pipe but had forgotten it at home. I had no liter either. I was irritated, sitting in my car in the parking lot. I haven't smoked for a week now..
    so I just took a small piece of bud, *literally a pinch* chewed it up and stuck it under my tongue for less than 2 minutes then swallowed (mind you, I had just downed a HUGE burrito minutes before this)

    I then processed what I just did and
    I started laughing at myself thinking
    "You really just did that? Damn You wild "

    Then it just became funnier.... and funnier..
    It was only till I looked up I realized I was SO LIT And had been laughing for a good 4 minutes in the parking lot.
    You guys,
    I just got home.
    I'm STILL High af as I type this..
    Funny thing is if I would've burned that little piece up in my pipe I wouldn't be THIS lit..
    So it's definitely more potent ...
    It works
    You're welcome.
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