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Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by zemcimill, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. zemcimill

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    Me and my partner are getting hold of a nice country property in the UK. Its quite secluded and has a large back garden. Now its not quite secluded enough to grow in green houses and we want a long term sucure grow room of a large capacity. Basicly in the house is no good and out doors is not what i want to to do.
    So What i want to do is eract some large green houses with decking floor inside and dig out my grow rooms underneath... I want to go big maybe 10K so im gona be using petrol generaters to run my lights but rather than trying to disguise it all im just gona grow tomatos in the green houses and have those as a front. Now about the grow rooms. I was thinking i would have to dig down at least 6 foot, i will be growing small clones but still to give enough clearance. Then concrete the floor and walls put a roof ontop with a small access pannel with opening for intake and exhaust fans then put turf down over that then the wooern floor of the green house which would obviously be able to lift up for access.
    Yes i know this is a bit of a mad idea and all critasism is welcome any pointers or ideas would be appretiated as well..
    Basicly i want to build a huge undetectable grow room under a tomato greenhouse... Can you guys feel where im coming from :D
    Peace ziggy
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    i know it's 220v in uk. all i can say is be careful.. if you have some carpentry experience all the better. make sure to get some supports in there to, by the sounds of it you're planning big.. what's the dimensions of the room you're planning? ventalation will be an issue also..you can vent it outside, but if you've got 20 plants in there then it's gonna stink for a long way.. and i'm sure it's not that far from your neighbour..

    all the best though. make sure you do your homework though.. doo a halfassed job at it and it'll be just that.

    Half assed
  3. zemcimill

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    Hi thanks for your advice. Im thinking about 2 100 sqare foot grow rooms and a slightly smaller one for mothers. The actual construction should not be a problem as i have alot of experiance in doing this sort of stuff just not for this sort of reason and im just trying to think if theres any thing i have over looked. We already know the grownd isnt hard rock 2 feet under the surface and theres no flooding or any thing. I will probably be spending the whole summer on construction for this project cos i realy want this to be a long term solution. As for ventalation i was gona be running some very large turbo blowers maybe combined with air cooled lamps and run carbon filters and negative ion genarators. I was then thinking i could vent up into the compost heap where the smell will almost be completely filterd out.. Im a bit worried about the whole temp controll thing though could get very cold at night..
  4. newgroweroldsmoker

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    get electric heaters with ''control ambient temperature'' function or even natural gas heaters with the same function (this way you will have production of CO2)...since electricity (no.of kW/h & bills) won't be such a big issue you can use many different types of appliances...why do you need to use the tomato business thing as a front? somehow i do not get it....if the police come into your property looking for drugs they will come with dogs...so, why would you get in so much trouble spending all that money in the first place?
    Your idea however is good but i would do it somehow different.....inside the whole house....would make sure to use 3-4 rooms for flowering,1-2 for vegetation plus one more for mothers & cloning.....what is the capacity/ max power of the generators you have chosen? iw as kinda looking on ebay the other day for a generator and the most powerful ones found were able to have a max output of 5kW using diesel....i've also seen and a 20kw generator priced at around 3000 british pounds or so, diesel as well.....anyway....get one of these.....
    for light i would have 3x1kw in every room i would use for flowering and vegetation and 2x400w for the mothers and the clones....all windows would be closed,insulated and covered from the inside with boards and mylar on top of that....i would also put one thick security door as main entrance to the house......
    finally for ventilation i would use like you the blowers etc with carbon filters supplying with air the entire house...as for ambient controlling , the central heating is able to keep a stable temperature of 23 celcius all year round no matter what....at least gas is cheap......
    within 4 months of operation i would be able to:
    a)harvest every month
    b)produce 100-150kg of dry bud every year using 3 rooms for flowering
    c)retire within two years of continuous production

    hope you get my grip

    take care :)
  5. zemcimill

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    Hi thanks alot for your advice. I should be more clear about my situation. First the house im using will be rented. Now the land lord will not realy be coming round but IF they did for some reason decide to pay a visit or send workmen for repairs if i had it in the house i would be fucked. Secondly i am a rasta and im a black guy whos gona be living out in the middle of the counrty in the UK im gona stand out somewhat. Now seem as im gona be living out there with no visable day job plus im gona be buying red lable diesel and grow supplys on a regular basis i thought maybe i should have some sort of front for my buisness. The house is also very small its only a cottage but it has a huge secluded back garden. Im gona be living there for 3 years and i already have 2 5kw diesel generators. (my m8 works for the council road works team ;) ). I did think about doing it in the house but im gona be there with my girl friend and if some workman turns up one day it could all go pear shaped very quickly, i would have to tie them up in the basement till harvest or try and bribe them. Either way it would be ugly and im out for half a millon over three years so i dont mind doing some mad underground grow room just as long as i know im gona be straight for the 3 years. This is gona be my last cash croping job so its gota be right. Im set aside £5000 for the construction of the grow rooms and i already have 10 1k HPS lamps and my generators. Ill be starting with with BC sweet tooth clones which are tried and tested and good for harvest in 6 weeks.
    Oh by the way i would be selling the tomatos as well, i grow very good tomatos i was thinking about some mellons and shit as well;)
  6. Marlboroman

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    Hey Zem ... I myself have spent a few hours in my head working out such a grow room......

    What i came up with is this... Temp control is the biggest issue as you said above... my solution is this..

    rent an irrigation machine from a rental place and put a series of loops under the ground in a nearby feild with the standard irrigation tubeing they sell at home improvement places.

    Connect to a hot water circ pump they use for boilers.

    Add a thermastat.

    Then connect them to a coil for heat transfer. this can be made by soldering baseboard heating tubes together in a series.

    put this coil on the air intake to the rooms to lower the entrance air temp..

    You can also plant some sort of ground cover over the "cooling" field like strawberries.
    This will help the water in the loops to cool faster and be cooler.

    Please keep in mind that i personally have no idea if this will actually work or not... but i would bet money on it...
    The best of it is that you can do it as many time as you like..you can have coils within each room that only recirc the air inside that room. All that cooling right from the ground...

    Good luck man,
  7. zemcimill

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    Hey that is pure genious i really like that!!!! I get exactly where your coming from like an air con system. Im thiking about doing this about october and through the winter i dont think temp control will be too much of a problem apart from maybee night temps getting to low but for the summer some kind of extra cooling is gona be essential. I was thinking if i vent up into the greenhouses i could keep them warm enough to grow tomatos or strawberry all through the year;) But im thinking i might have to up the budget a bit...
  8. Marlboroman

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    Well in the winter Zem you can use the same systemto heat a bit
    below the frost line world wide the ground is pretty much a constant 55 degrees.

    So that being said, in the winter when its 2 below out you can warm the intake air a bit with the 55 degree water... now granted it wont get you to a pointwhere you can grow without heat, but it will save a bit on the bill and help out.

    and to be honest if i were building it it would be built only to change the air every 1-1.5 hours. in a rush, a quik change, I would also get a temp control system and run CO2.

    in the winter I would run the CO2 and vent less, to keep smell down id get a carbon scrubber and have it vent into the next room to promote air circ

    As far as heat goes if i were haveing issues with the needing heat(light heat not being enough) i wouild put in a boiler. and fuel it off the main house either in gas or oil. dependong on how big yer set up is a really cant imagine needing a very big boiler. Here in the states you can get one for less than a grand. Happy growing mate, ill keep an eye on this thread i wanna see how it comes out .. post some pics too )
  9. eastwestconnect

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    HELP! Anyone with good experience.

    ]I hope that you guys/girls dont mind if I jump in here and ask a couple questions. I have a room that is 10x11 and this is my first time although I am getting a little help from people who have experience in the matter, but I am second guessing them and since I am footing the bill on this one I want help from the pro's. Can someone tell me how much light is needed to make this room a successful quantity. It is a box and their is no air flow either. How can I keep this room jumping and not worry about a 120 degree heat. Because where I am it is hot and its going to get hotter. I need to let them breathe and keep them healthy, please let me know what you guys/girls think about the whole process. Any suggestions are greatly welcome.
  10. dandman

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    hey zem! I am a electrician. Been one for years. Let me know if you have any questions with loading. How many gens do you have? How many KW? How many total lights and their kw? I'll let you know what's up. Just starting to grow myself but the electrical thing I have NO problem with. Later.
  11. mstalks

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    so i know this thread has been vacant for a while, but im seriously considering something like this and need some help is there anyone still out there?
  12. stinkyattic

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  13. HotCloset

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    I would love to do something like this. I have researched abandoned missile silos here in the states always thought that it would be cool the snatch one up and convert it into a grow area or something. problem is they are so damn expensive, even one that we looked at that was a complete disaster. flooded crumbling walls the works still went for 1.2 million bucks... that's a bit rich for our blood needless to say...
  14. bakedman

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    if you would like any assistance im please to help , im a student architect @ oxford - on my yr out in my 3rd year could do you some drawings on cad of how such a glass house cuold be constructed - cost - construction drawings - electrical and drainage drawings - to be honest the investment of 10k is alittle . if your planning to use generators u might as well spend alittle extra like 15 or 20 and have a project with twice the return. problem is - if you submit these plan the council will always know about its existance - it must be built on the sly & cleverly
  15. crazywill

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    One thing went useing a genertor is the wave of the volts.The digial ballest will fried on a genertor.You can get a voltage conditioner and run them.The coil ballest will run on that power but it cut the live of the ballest.Check in to power conditioners. Peace
  16. mstalks

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    i need some help considering some things. I have 2 10x10 rooms next to eachother in my basement. I was thinking getting 2 10kw generators to power 6 1kw hps lamps. I figured I could rotate the generators to help them last longer and then id have a backup generator. Does this sound like a good setup thus far. I figure this will generate a lot of heat, any suggestions on how to cool it. I might consider constructing it sealed with co2 release or with ventilation. What would be the best way to keep it cool? If you have any other suggestions on tweeks to such a setup, feel free. Thanks
  17. stinkyattic

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    You should know that the site owner has asked that we do not discuss grows significantly larger than those sized for personal/medical or small legal cooperative projects.

    You're going to need a serious air handling system.
    Have you ever grown before? You are talking about a commercial level grow... before considering generators, look around your neighborhood. Trust your gut. Unless you live in the backwoods, assume that the neighbors will notice a pair of large gens running. Also, a single giant generator is much more efficient than 2 10k ones...
  18. Forwhat420

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    If you have the money. Seal it all the way tight man. No worries about smell, and you also have direct control of enironment. They have propane generators that are made to power a whole house, could power your grow plus another. You have to find it though cuz I don't know it...I will tell you, their are postings of it on the board somewhere.

    P.s. I wouldn't start so big man, especially if you have all these questions. Whatever happened to learning how walk before running?

    Hey stink can we start an on the side consulting business? LOL:pimp:
  19. stinkyattic

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    One of us may already have one ;)
  20. Forwhat420

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    LOL, ah us who dream and those who act on dreams. I just wish I new how to get started...Im sure it will come though...

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