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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by surfaround23, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. surfaround23

    surfaround23 Banned

    I own a small house with a yard about an acre big my idea is to put a shed in my yard and dig a small entry down into a grow room where I'd have 9 lights on about 65 plants along with water pumps and climate control. The way id get electricity would be a feed from a public line that feeds into my house underground so i wouldnt have to worry about ridiculously high bills. I was hoping you could poke holes in this so i have my bases covered.
  2. epilepticme

    epilepticme Registered+

    stealing electricity? theres your first hole. Not cool!
  3. illnillinois

    illnillinois Banned

    ya what he said.

    dont try to cut corners..
    The more you get other *people involved the worse it will be..

    *power company sniffing around for "a problem" in the line etc...
  4. surfaround23

    surfaround23 Banned

    dude my cousin lives in guam where like 1 in every four houses gets electricity straight from the line and the amount of feed off you get from the taking a couple thousand watts doesnt show on the grid
  5. surfaround23

    surfaround23 Banned

    and plus the reason alot of growers get caught is because of the electricity they use so the options there is to pay off the meter man or get from the underground line
  6. illnillinois

    illnillinois Banned

    posting in here i assume you were looking for feedback
    What you do with the feedback is up to you..

    good luck whatever route you take..

    legalize it!!!
  7. yeah screwing someone over is a nice way to get busted.

    Guerilla grow. 65plants indoors is a lot of power, lights and un-necessary attention.
  8. Mcnizzlebery

    Mcnizzlebery Registered+

    Wow, i had the idea to build in like an underground lair just yesterday. Just spooked me seeing it here. Weird.
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  9. SunnyD

    SunnyD Registered+

    It's been done before.

    Google underground grow room, you'll find links to other forums
  10. Booyagrandma

    Booyagrandma Registered+

    65 plants and you can't pay the bills, go kill yourself or get a new hobby
  11. surfaround23

    surfaround23 Banned

    chill out man whats with the hostility
  12. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    i think its the stealing of electricity part. thats a GREAT way to get busted.:postreadfaq:

    makes us good stoners look like shit!
  13. Iscandar

    Iscandar Registered

    Buy a diesel generator and let it run on pure vegetable oil. Then you are off the grid completely.
  14. Dyranty

    Dyranty Registered+

    Be careful when digging is all I have to say. Imagine digging and finding a gas/water/sewage ewwww /electric/cable line. Then you have to explain why you were digging in your shed.....

    I've thought of it also............. My Batcave will be built one day................

    errrrr........ anyways you ever try digging that deep? what part of the country you live in?

    It's not fun, me and the shovel have a hate/hate work relationship.
    Especially in the midwest or the south or the west or the southwest where there's sand.......... sucks ballz.
  15. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Oh shit, looks like someone forgot to read the site rules:


    In case you are not aware, stealing electricity is not only illegal, but it's a lame, bullshit, pussy-ass way to get around paying for the same electricity that the rest of us DO pay for, and obviously yo momma forgot to teach you that. We are here to help medical people grow medicine, not teach some greedy punk how to get rich without paying his dues.

    You should read these links:
    Civil disobedience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You're outta here, and don't come back.
  16. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    u dont live in guam

    alot of growers get busted cuz they deserve it, cuz they are fuckin morons who dont think their plans thru!

    either pluggin 10kwh to normal city grid or stealin power, both are stupid ways to my logic!

    I have heard and read for sometime now that u can still get decent (good enough to blow u off ya ass) weed using CFL or LED lighting...
  17. blink_inc

    blink_inc Registered+

    bury a shipping container.
    buy a windmill.
    make medicine. (lots!)
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