unrolling outer leaf on blunt

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by biggmoneyme, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. biggmoneyme

    biggmoneyme Registered+

    I roll my blunts by unrolling the outer leaf and then doing my thing with the inner paper and then roll it back up with the outer leaf.

    Sometimes i mess up the outer leaf really bad when im unrolling it. Does anyone know how to can unroll it perfect all the time? I watch people do it on youtube so fast and i have to struggle which seems like forever to get the same results as them.
  2. BongLoser

    BongLoser Registered+

    I used to try and roll blunts but after wasting money I found it easier to just empty and then fill them back up and pack it down every little bit.

    Something to try though is do you get your blunt wet before trying to unroll it? I know some people dont and have no problem but I always ruin them.
  3. TormentedImp

    TormentedImp Registered+

    yea the easiest to unroll are green games

    once you get the end off it comes right off, but watch the veins on the leaf cuz they get pressed in pretty well
  4. robo scat

    robo scat Registered+

    Yeah dude.. just make sure you're not buying a stale blunt first of all, and fucking give that blunt dome, get saliva alllll over it and clearly just try to follow the edge. Green games are probably the best to practice with because they're pretty easy to roll. Of course you could always just be a pussy and cut it down the middle. :p
  5. TormentedImp

    TormentedImp Registered+

    yea, dont be a pussy haha
  6. Acouwaila

    Acouwaila Registered+

    just find the spiral edge line of the paper and follow it to the end of the closed in...peel that part off and unravel the fuckin thing
  7. biggmoneyme

    biggmoneyme Registered+

    it's like it sticks sometimes and it messes it up. I can get it right most of the time, but I see people do it so effortlessly I thought their might be something I didn't know.
  8. Metaphor

    Metaphor Registered+

    make sure you lick it good, [no homo] but you gotta get that thing wet.
    other than that you should get yourself a cigar cutter and cut the end off, then it unrolls perfect every time.
    a clipper like those work fine and you can get them at any smoke shop

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  9. biggmoneyme

    biggmoneyme Registered+

    Does it matter what kinda cigar I'm using. I usually just get a Phillie( I think the outer leaf is harder to unroll with these). The only other kind of cigars I see at stores are swishers. I never see dutch masters. So is a swisher easier to unroll than phillie? I also see some called Goodies
  10. suhl

    suhl Registered+

    its really not that hard to do. i havent even rolled that many blunts but it is pretty much second nature to me, i can doo it when i am totally fucked up and cant really do anything, not even stand up or stay awake. there really arent step by step directions. that is like giving step by step directions on how to back a car out of the garage. which is to say, if youve seen someone do it, that is how you do it. you cut it down the middle or split it by hand if you can do that, put the weed in, lick it to seal it, seal it, put the lighter up to it to dry the spit. you dont have to get it super wet, just wet enough to seal. i dont really even fuck with the outer leaf any more normally when you seal it any problem you have with the outer leaf takes care of itself
  11. biggmoneyme

    biggmoneyme Registered+

    You really have no idea what I'm asking. I don't roll my blunts like you.
  12. BongLoser

    BongLoser Registered+

    Lol thats great. So bigg hows it going with the rolling? (Yeah I can rhyme all the time :p) Another thing to remember is practice makes perfect, I've learned that with joints.

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