Unsalted vs. Salted Butter

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Badbethee, Oct 26, 2010.

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    When making canna butter does it really matter if you use unsalted or salted butter? If it does make a difference, what is it? Please advise.

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    canna butter

    it doesn't matter. the salt will boil off. that's why unsalted is used. but it won't cause any harm
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    now i might be a little off here, but how does salt, which is a solid, boil off? please elaborate on this.

    there is no difference when using either type of butter. bakers use un-salted butter a lot as there is usually salt added in baking recipes. it can also change things while baking as there is lot's of chemical/heat reactions happening.

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    Heh, I did a double-take on that one! :D

    If that were possible, the power-generation industry could save a bundle on water treatment chemicals for the big boilers. The reasoning is from "Bizzaro World". :upsidedow
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    unsalted is just healthier we already get way to much salt in our diet. the only reason the salt butter is to preserve it longer.
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    Both would be the correct answers. Salt does not "boil off" except in bizzaro Jerry's kitchen. That is especially bizzar because Jerry never cooks!

    Unsalted butter is used in baking so salt can be added precisely according to the recipe. Since you can not measure the salt in salted butter it's not used. For example: too much salt would lessen yeast reaction making bread not rise as much.

    Doc Oc.

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