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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Thereis, May 24, 2010.

  1. Thereis

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    What does SAP 550 W/NIT mean?
  2. Burnt Toast

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    SAP= Substance Abuse Panel (Immunoassay screen)

    5 = 5 types of drugs to be tested

    50 = 50 ng cutoff level for THC

    W/NIT = with Nitrites check (sample validity testing)
  3. Thereis

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    Nitrites Testing? Thank you Burnt Toast!

    What is Nitrites testing?

    Do you have any information that I can research?
  4. Burnt Toast

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    Nitrites is tested as well as creatinine, pH, and specific gravity since theyre all in one validity test kit (do a Google search for drug adulteration test kits).

    Nitrites are found in some drop-in additives (depending on brand) used to spike a urine sample. Nitrites are also found in foods such as pork and poultry. The human body can also produce nitrites naturally, though this is a sign of a urinary tract infection. For this reason, only a tiny amount of nitrites can be permitted in a urine sample.

    Under current DHHS regulations, any urine sample with a nitrites level over 500 mcg/ml (micrograms per milliliter) is considered "forensically defensible" as proof of adulteration.
  5. Thereis

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    Thanks Again

    The urine test was on May 18 at noon. So it is four and a half days since. But I know I passed it with dilution. I had gatorade that morning along with cranberry juice and water. About 100 ounces between six am and 11:45 am. I took a FirstCheck at 11:00am. The line for THC was a good almost strong color, almost solid.

    My concern is that it will somehow show up as dilute. I had no adulterants, no gimmicks just dilution. Took no creatinine. Just ate red meat for several days prior to the test. Also, was exercising heavy until the day before the test.

    Since it is now one more week of THC free, if they retest the metabolites will be so low that even dilution will not be necessary. Just a very minimum dilute. Maybe fifty ounces over a five hour period.

    My concern is that if they suspect dilution, they will go for a hair test. So I have been researching the Macujo method.

    I cut my head hair four days ago to about one sixteenth of an inch. The last smoking was on April 26th. I smoked about 3 grams over a one week period prior to April 26th. Before that was clean for about two to two and a half months. Since I cut my head hair the concern is for body hair. I will shave the armpit hair.

    1. I have covered the body hair with hydrogen peroxide twice in the last day.
    I figure it is better to do a lot prior to even knowing if they will spring a hair test on me. Better safer than sorrier. Do you know if hydrogen peroxide alone will help, or should I use vinegar to open the hair cells first.

    2. Tomorrow I will find the clear and clean and do the Macujo method, first the apple cider vinegar, then the Clean and Clear followed by the Tide, and then a shampoo.

    I want to thank Deige, Burnt Toast, and Killerweed420 and WebDox for all your comments. You all have really helped with advice that is accurate.
    It is now four and a half days (six and a half counting the weekend) since the urinalysis test, I am beginning to hope. But, by Friday, end of the day, it will be a full nine and a half business days, if I have heard nothing by then, it should be a sign of hopefullness.

    If you have any knowledge about this situation, please let me know. Again, thank you four for your clinical accuracy.

  6. Thereis

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    PS to you all

    My body hair is light colored to brown and the hairs are thin.
  7. Burnt Toast

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    That was not a good idea. Exercising needs to stop at least 3 days before the test. Exercise burns fat cells. And whenever fat cells are burned, the stored THC metabolites are released back into the bloodstream and eventually end up in your urine to be detected.
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  8. Thereis

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    You are Correct, But

    You are absolutely corrrect. But I was getting negtives with heavy exercise.

    The day of the test, I got a solid negative with a medium (I hope it was medium) dilution. The solid negative line was just one hour before the test.

    So... since as you know everyone is different, the negative should only be even better by now one week later.

    I am beginning the majoco method now, just in case they go for a hair test. Have done two doses of hydrogen peroxide. Since I just cut head hair, the body is hair which is thin and mostly light is all I have to treat.

    Also, that is not quite so visible a job as stripping my head hair.

    Since my test was on the 18th it is now four full days and two half days (business days) and two weekend days.

    I do not know if they suspect dilution, but no news is good news.

    Thank you Burnt Toast, Deige, Killer weed420 and wqebdox.
  9. Burnt Toast

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    You were getting negatives because your THCA concentration was diluted to where the sample fell below the cutoff thresholds of the drug assay - not because of the heavy exercise. Without the dilution, you wouldve tested positive for sure because of the exercise.

    What also needs to be known is that contrary to popular belief, line intensity has no bearing upon the levels of THCA thats present in a urine sample. As an example, synthetic urine controls (which are totally drug-free) can produce a "faint" line on one assay kit while producing a solid line on another.
  10. Thereis

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    If I have to take another

    I will use First Check on the first void of the day, immediately if I am told to take another urine test. But, I did get a faint line on the first void without dilution that day. The almost solid line was later at 11am with dilution.

    So dilution does work. It probably does not work with a huge metaboli

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