*URGENT* - Can I smoke Leaf?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Miatch, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Miatch

    Miatch Registered

    How much THC compared to the bud does the leaf contain, can I smoke it, and will it get me high? I got shitloads and need some advice.
  2. HighAllTheTime420

    HighAllTheTime420 Registered+

    Of course u can smoke leaf. Leaf usually cums with the bud neway (if sold in a bag) I thought everyone knew that.
  3. Miatch

    Miatch Registered

    I'm bout to go smoke a phatty, mostly leaf with a bit of bud, it'll get me high definetely cuz the bud, but would I need to smoke more than 1 straight joint of leaf to get high?
  4. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Not true. The tirhcomes, containing THC grow on the buds, and on the very small leaves inbetween the buds. There is so little THC on the leaves its basically a waste of time. It'll take shitloads to get stoned, and it wont be a very good stone either.

    If your buying quality gear it would be bud, not bud and leaf.
  5. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    yea dude. smoke alot of fineley crushed up leaf and you'll get high. dont worry.
  6. Zoosh

    Zoosh Registered+

    If youve just harvested then you can use the leaves for other stuff if you wanted.
    Might get yourself a little bit hash, make sure, if you seive, do it thoroughly because you dont want contaminants.
    Use it in food/drink.
  7. UnitedParcelSecrets

    UnitedParcelSecrets Registered+

    You, my friend, believe every bloody word you read, don't you? Trichomes contain huge ammounts of THC, and are great. But the entire plant contains THC. That's why when you grind your bud and a lot of the trichs wind up at the bottom of the grinder, the ground bud still gets you high.

    Don't speak so definitively if you're wrong. ;)
  8. spiked666killer

    spiked666killer Registered+

    Cheaper leafer. You can smoke it. No one ever said you cant. It will take more than bud to get you stoned. And it might not taste the best.
  9. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Yes you can smoke the leaves especially the ones that were supporting the buds, those have way more THC than the actual fan leaves if you just happen to have both because it sounds like you do have alot lol :p.
  10. rottenPauL

    rottenPauL Registered+

    make some hash outta them! if you have way too many it will be just great I guess :D
  11. EbelEyes

    EbelEyes Registered+

    Hell yeah you can smoke leaf. Every part of the Cannabis plant contains THC, so fucking fire it up!:dance:
  12. pez

    pez Registered+

    People who say it doesnt work are retarded. But you know there is one part even better than the actual bud? The dirt! Hells yeah, me and my boys smoke bud mud all the time bro, it gets you BLAZED! Just dry it out first cause its hard to smoke mud without a bong.......lol just stick to bud dude, dont buy leaf and if you grow use it for hash.
  13. Captain Hanks

    Captain Hanks Registered+

    lip is right... of course...

    there is only about 2% thc in the leaves, and if someone mixed leaves with my sack i wouldn't pay for it
  14. BongZoola

    BongZoola Registered+

    2% seems a little high.
  15. S.P.Q.R.

    S.P.Q.R. Registered+

    Well you could, but It's not really worth it..
  16. graph

    graph Registered+

    But that's bud, not leaves. Try smoking a fan leaf and tell me if you get high. Yes, it contains thc, just not a considerable amount.
  17. D1me

    D1me Registered+

    yea i just got an eigth of miracle grow bud mud, it's so dank

    and lmfao
  18. Transition Force

    Transition Force Registered+

    Well, what if you ate a lot of the leaves, in say like a vegetarian salad? Given that you'd be eating a lot more, it should have a nice effect, i would imagine. (But i wouldn't know from experience... yet)
  19. jamstigator

    jamstigator Registered+

    Eating the leaves like a salad won't do jack. There isn't a huge amount of good stuff in the leaves to start with, and unless you cook it into oil or butter or fat or something, eating it won't do much. You can smoke the leaves and get a buzz. I've done it many times, with leaves from vegging plants to leaves from harvested plants. You will get a little buzzed, and it won't last long. It will take quite a bit more leaf to get high than if it was bud, and your lungs will feel it. Try it and you'll see. It's not just placebo effect though. It's way not as good as smoking a juicy bud, or even smoking the bud leaves, but it is also way better than nothing.

    Personally, I wouldn't smoke it; I'd cook it into some olive oil or canola oil and bake some food. If you have lots of leaves, you can make lots of oil, and lots of brownies (or cookies, or pretty much anything that uses oil or butter). And once you figure out how much leaf weight to cook into your oil/butter, you will get majorly fucked up from the food you make with it, the high will last much longer than if you smoked some kickass bud, and it's healthier for your lungs too.
  20. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    It depends of what leaves you're talking about.

    If it's just the small leaves that fall of the buds in your bag, then yeah, that is definatly smokeable and will get you high.

    If you mean the fan leaves f a cannabis plant, then no, I don't recommend smoking them as is, unless you like headaches. If it is the fan leaves, dry them out, crumble them up, and make a hash or a hash oil with them. Keep in mind you need quite a bit of fan leaves to get any sort of hash or hash oil.


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