URGENT Pee test upcoming, proper dilution method?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by AxelLonelyStoner, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. AxelLonelyStoner

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    Last smoked yesterday and got email of confirmation of interview late yesterday evening, interview in two days so drug test in maybe five. I am about 6,5 and about 315 lbs can anyone help me?
  2. Weezard

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    Dilution is not an option here.
    There's too little time.
    If it was me, I'd sub.
    You do have time to rehearse.
    Start practicing at home and it'll be easy to do right .
  3. AxelLonelyStoner

    AxelLonelyStoner Registered

    So use fake urine?
  4. Imtrying

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    Axel, i would hesitate to do the fake urine thing. I was on parole, probation for 5 years in the 80s and am subject to Random in my transportation sensitive job since 1990 and know a thing or 2. First relax second do not take any diuretics within 48 hrs of the test that will wash toxins from fat straight into the test cup.
    See sticky thread on flushing it DOES work. Start now! Drink water in copious amounts. Go to gnc and buy creatine supplement and take slot of it because they sometimes check for creatine levels and specific gravity .
    Drink a bottle of water or 2 piss and drink another. Keep doing that . Crush up vitamin b mix with water and drink for the color.
    Walmart sells thc piss tests, dollar general too. Keep flushing and when you are really flushed well in 2 days test and keep flushing you can do it but buy some tests.
    If you are a heavy smoker I can't guarantee it.
    I'm 60 6-1 255 lbs. light smoker but I can smoke a joint of primo Kush and betezting clean in 48 hours.
    NEVER give first piss of day, if you have to get up and resume flushing at 2am do it. Pee several times that morning pee right before you enter and get there drink more and give a midstream catch. Don't forget the creatine and vitamin b.
    Whatever you do don't dilute or put bleach or crap in the test. It is automatic fail for tamper. The cutoff is usually 50ng per milliliter.

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