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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Txbizpro, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Most of what I search for has been found already, I'm just looking for a final opinion on my case specifically.

    Test day: Fri Mar 1 9am - 10:15am

    Option A: Get brother's urine Thur. night, refrigerate, then reheat and sub for test

    Option B: Get brother's urine Fri morning before test, keep room/body temp for a couple of hours, then sub for test

    From my searches I feel like these two things are mostly the same...anyone care to elaborate?

    I'd rather get the urine the night before, instead of running around the metro early in the morning. Can anyone say beyond a doubt that Option A is just
    as good as Option B for the purpose of a drug screen?


    Really the only thing standing in my way now is execution/making sure the temp is right. It seems crotched + handwarmers (rubberbanded, I've been
    instructed) is the preferred method. What's the chance of overheating? How necessary is a temp strip or thermometer?

    Thanks again
  2. Txbizpro

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    318 views and no one so much as chimes in?

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    option A sounds good.. my friend
  4. Txbizpro

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    Thank you! Can anyone else corroborate?

    option A urine is just as usable as option B urine?
  5. in_grind_we_toke

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    Please don't use Option A. From having a medical field point of view. Reheating could actually burn anything in the urine making it literally turn into water. Go with Option B and make sure you use something sterile to hold the urine. Any type of contaminants can actually make the test inconclusive. We all know how fast bacteria can form in a warm wet enviroment. :)
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  6. painretreat

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    It is doubtful they will be looking for anything living in the urine.

    The old posts here, clearly tell you what to do. Most likely, WHY Burnt Toast or Deige have not responded. They use Glove Warmers to keep it warm. But, there are threads here that talk about the microwave.

    Good luck. pr
  7. Txbizpro

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    From forum searching I have found two useful pieces of information:

    Urine can be stored in a refrigerator for up to a week.
    After 8 hours of room temp, it begins to breakdown, possibly yielding inconclusive results.

    These two pieces of info separately do not tell me how the integrity of the urine could be affected if it was exposed to room temp for an hour or so, then reheated in the morning using hand warmers, not the microwave.

    So very sorry to burden you all with my question. It's only my livelihood afterall, right?

    Looking through forum posts I did not find any answers that would specifically and completely pertain to my option A.
  8. painretreat

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    The information is here, use the search box, it has been working, rather well lately.

    This is copied from a post of Burnt Toast. And most likely the reason, you have had no response. This question comes up frequently.:Rasta: pr

    Microwaving will not harm pre-mixed synthetic samples as long as theyre not brought to a boil.
    In fact, synthetic brands such as Quick Fix, UltraPure, Magnum, etc; instruct the user to microwave the bottle for initial heat (for up to 10 sec) prior to applying the heat pack. The supplied heat pack by itself takes approximately 1 hour to heat the bottle to 100F.

    Microwaving will not harm human samples either, but its still not recommended because human urine is a biohazard and should not be in an area where food and utensils are involved.
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    Thanks PR, I appreciate you taking the time to post, but what you copied and pasted really doesn't help me at all. I never mentioned anything about microwaves. I'm using human urine, not a synthetic, and my question pertains more to the integrity of the urine as it moves through this process (Option A).

    But the passive aggressivism here is impressive. 318 views and a bump before I get a reply, in a forum dedicated to 'helping'. I searched, as I always do before I post a question, but I did not find a post that specifically addresses my situation. I can read other posts and be 90% sure, or I can ask a direct question in hope for a few extra percentage points. I personally, don't see anything wrong trying to be certain when a 90k/year job is on the line. But, if you all disagree, then just continue to do what you're doing -- nothing.

    Thanks again PR.
  10. painretreat

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    Microwaving will not harm human samples either, but its still not recommended because human urine is a biohazard and should not be in an area where food and utensils are involved.
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    Ok so I collected the urine from my brother, and put the 3oz travel bottle purchased at walmart directly into a big plastic cup with ice in it for the 45 minute trip home.
    Refrigerated it once home from about 7:30pm to about 8:15am the next moring.
    Put bottle of urine in plastic sandwich bag and put it in hot water for about 15-20 mins.
    I used the "toe warmer" hand warmers which came 2 in a pack, were adhesive, and fit and covered the oval bottle perfectly.
    Crotched it between two pair of tight boxer briefs.
    Took the test at about 9:30am, with the guy in the bathroom but not actually observing. This to me meant that I had to be very quiet with the bottle, which was ok because I had practiced a few times the night before.
    I was a little worried about having the temp right, although I feel like taking the temp with a thermometer might have taken an unusual amount of time. It takes extra time to be very deliberate and quiet anyway.

    Passed the test.
    The HR lady even told me they would never drug test me again without reasonable suspicion.

    I sincerely hope this helps many people because this is a complete preemployment drug test urine substitution log from a-z, with an emphasis on what I did to protect the integrity of the urine.
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  12. Burnt Toast

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    Next time you sub, take note: "Stick-on" baby forehead temp strips (sold at most chain drug stores) work just as well as a digital thermometer. They are actually identical to the temp strips used at the collection facility. While they may not be as accurate to the "nth" degree as a digital unit, they are obviously accurate enough to merit continued use by the facilities.

    Just stick the strip onto the bottle before you go to the facility, and thats one less item that you have to carry into the bathroom stall.
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    I realize that I am a few years too late with my answer to be of any help to you but perhaps this will help somebody else... I get tested weekly and I get clean urine from my sister... If it's going to be used within 24 hours I will just keep it in the refrigerator until the next day but if it's going to be a couple of days or longer, then I will freeze it... I have Frozen and thawed it many times, never having had a problem... This was only Frozen and thawed one time each sample, I have never Frozen and thawed the same sample more than one time... yes there will be sediment in it (sometimes a lot) but that is normal and has never caused me any issues... a couple of times there was so much sediment in it that I only poured 3/4 of the sample into the collection cup, trying to keep the sediment in my container... any time that happened I just told them that I couldn't pee any more no matter how hard I tried... Even a quarter inch in their cup will be enough for them to test, I've never once been told that it is not enough urine in for the test...

    I use an empty cleaned out medication bottle to carry my sample in.. Inside of the lid of the medicine bottle there will be a clear plastic disc that will need to be taken out and cleaned with the rest of the container and put back in place just in case so there will be no remnants of what medication was in there before getting into your sample.. I will take the urine out of the refrigerator and fill my pill bottle almost to the top, then I cover the top of it with some Saran Wrap (NOT the sticky kind)... put the lid on the bottle over top of the plastic wrap, that is just an added layer to keep it from leaking just in case... I take my small pill bottle after it is closed tightly and place it in a larger cup or Bowl filled with boiled water To bring it to a high temperature, usually it gets way too hot and will need to cool down a bit (overheating has never once been an issue as long as you give it time to get to the correct body temperature).. After it is hot I test it by placing it between my thighs or under my armpit, if it is too hot to hold there more than a few seconds then it is still too hot for the test... when I can comfortably hold it on that sensitive area of my body then it is the right temperature... Being a woman I store my pill container in my bra underneath of my breast and that keeps it to the perfect body temperature.. I've had my sample in my bra for 4 hours before taking the urine test and it was still at perfect temperature and I have never once used hand warmers... my old man will keep his stuck somewhere in his underwear so that it is touching his body but he is still able to walk normally, lol...

    I even have to add medication to my sample because although I have to test clean for some things I still have to have certain medications in my urine or they will know that it is not mine... For five years now I have been adding medication to my sample and preparing it exactly as I have said above and I have never once had a problem...

    Good luck to everybody coming here for advice, fingers crossed that you get through your test with no problems... Worrying about getting caught is the worst of it but as long as you keep yourself calm and act normally you should have no issues at all... The ones that get busted are the ones that look like they are up to something or are stupid enough to leave the container that they used in the bathroom, lol...
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    I have worked as a forensic toxicologist performing prescreening, sample validity testing, and confirmatory testing in one of the nations largest tox labs. One thing i will say is almost all the pee we aliquot samples from have bacterial growth. Confirmatory testing especially has growth since the samples are handled outside of the refridgerator and freezer more often. Another noteable fact for us was; during transportation, the samples were transported without temperature control. Also, the samples sit out all day while technicians take them and aliquot them so bacteria will grow rather quickly. The act of having a container open in the atmosphere will introduce bacteria into the urine. Tox labs dont test for bacterial growth or even the sex the pee came from like what television shows. We test for adulturants, uric acid, density, and creatinine for specimen testing.

    Sorry lots of random info but i think it pertains to the topic and is important to relay.

    POWDERED PEE is also a great choice. As long as it is real pee and used per directions, you will be...pee fine. : p
  15. ThePlow

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    Heck yeah!

    Does this contain sodium azide preservative and/or creatinine? I saw they do use uric acid which is one of the metabolites measured but no documentation on the others or lack of.

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